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RE: Lime

Postby sagittarius » Fri Apr 17, 2009 6:43 am

ORIGINAL: Demoderby4 Alright, got my soil tests back, 1 was neutral :) and the other was alkaline.
Neutral, as in a PH of 7.0?  Alkaline would be anything above 7.0, how alkaline is your soil?
ORIGINAL: Demoderby4  How much lime should we use on the alkaline soil?
  None, unless you are low in magnesium.  They you could still apply a dolomitic type lime just for the Mg content.
ORIGINAL: Demoderby4 The soil kit it said no more than 3-4 lbs per 100 sq ft? Does that sound right? Just wanted to hear your guy's input before we start laying it down!
  That is only about 1400 to 1800 lbs per acre.  If your PH is above 6.5 you really don't need any lime.
ORIGINAL: Demoderby4 And should we even worry about using lime on the neutral site? I just want to do this right the first time lol!
It is an option.   If your soil is low in Calcium or Magnesium, then apply some lime.   Lime(ground limestone) is generally applied to raise the soil PH into the 6.0 - 7.0 range.  
It is the carbonates in Limestone that help nutralize acidic soils.   Generally limestone contains 20-40% calcium carbonate, and 1-12% magnesium carbonate.   Lime content varies depending on the quarry the limestone was mined from.   100% pure magnesium carbonate is called dolomite.  A limestone with 5% or more magnesium carbonate content is generally described as "dolomitic" lime.  
The finer the limestone is ground up, the quicker it can react with the soil.  Mixing the lime into the soil is a huge plus, as moisture and time are required start the process. 
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