entering and leaving stand

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entering and leaving stand

Postby wolf60 » Sun Sep 20, 2009 2:30 am

I have a problem that I am sure alot of other hunters have. The property I hunt has a creek running through the middle of it. On one side I have creek bottom and woods. On the other is corn and beans. If I enter from the creek bottom side I have to walk past alot of good deer sign to get to a major creek crossing.I am leaving my scent all through the bottoms. If I enter on the crop side, I have to walk out at dark with deer in the fields and I end up spooking them.If I stay in my stand until they leave the fields, I feel I will be breaking the law by hunting after dark, even though I am not really hunting. It may be hard to prove to a game warden that I was just waiting out the deer and not hunting after dark. I like to follow the rules. I tried different ways to get the deer to leave the field with out giving myself away but the field is so large only the deer close to me leave and then they only run farther out into the field. I still have to walk past them to reach my truck.The neighboring properties dont allow anyone on their land. NOT ANYONE! So I cant sneak out that way. If any one has some suggestions , I would be glad to hear from you. Am I breaking the law by staying after dark? I could be up there for over an hour before they might leave , maybe even longer.

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Re: entering and leaving stand

Postby kellory » Wed Jul 27, 2011 6:54 pm

You did not mention gun or bow, but the answer is the same. unload and lower your weapon to the ground. Only an idiot would try to claim you are still hunting. and unless you are a minor, You have no curfew, so enjoy the evening in a tree if you wish. If it is a stick bow, unstring it before leaving or slip a gun lock around your strings of a compound. It makes it real obvious your are not activly hunting. But whatever weapon your are using, be sure it is unloaded after legal hunt time. It gets real costly if not. I got my boots from a hunter who was found by a game warden 15 minutes after legal evening time. He was lost and trying to find where he parked his truck. The game warden showed him where his truck was, and took his guns and most of his gear, gave him a ticket and a court date, and told him it was because of ammo still in his gun after lights out.
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