9000 Gals Fuel=1 Earth Day Speech???

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Woods Walker
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9000 Gals Fuel=1 Earth Day Speech???

Postby Woods Walker » Fri Apr 24, 2009 6:08 am

 Obama burns 9000 gallons of jet fuel to make ONE Earth Day speech in Iowa....... Just another case of do as we SAY, and not as we DO............[/align] [/align]President Barack Obama burned roughly 9,000 of jet fuel yesterday, Earth Day, and that only to deliver one speech in Iowa, reports CBS News's Mark Knoller in an April 22 Political Hotsheet blog post.
As if that weren't amusing enough, Knoller notes that the Air Force and the White House wouldn't disclose to Knoller how much fuel the president's plane burns on an average flight, so he had to consult with the manufacturer of the 747, Boeing:
In flying to and from Iowa today, President Obama took two flights on Air Force One and four on Marine One.
The press office at Andrews AFB wouldn't give me the fuel consumption numbers for the 747 that serves as Air Force One without the approval of the White House Press Office, which as I write this has yet to be given.
But Boeing says its 747 burns about 5 gallons of fuel per mile. It's 895 miles from Washington to Des Moines, so a round trip brings the fuel consumption for the fixed-wing portion of the President's trip to 8,950 gallons. 
Knoller went on to detail Obama's fuel consumption on Marine One:
The trip also put President Obama on Marine One for round-trip flights between the White House and Andrews AFB and between Des Moines International Airport and Newton, Iowa, site of his Earth Day speech. It totaled about an hour of flight time. The VH-3D that serves as Marine One consumes about 1200 pounds of fuel per hour which comes out to about 166 gallons consumed flying the President today.
Not included in these calculations are the presidential vehicles that took him the short distance from the landing zone in Newton to the event site at the Trinity Structural Towers Manufacturing Plant.
In closing, however, Knoller arguably gave Obama a pass for the waste of gas, pitting the cost of the flight with the imagined benefits of the president plugging alternative energy:
President Obama could have saved at least 9,116 gallons of fuel by giving his speech at the White House – but no wind turbines are manufactured here. 
While this is true, couldn't the president have killed two birds with one stone by doing a teleconferenced speech that was beamed by satellite to the plant in Iowa but filmed at the White House? In doing so, the president could have heralded the fuel and time-saving promise of telecommuting while also plugging alternative energy. 
Of course doing so wouldn't mean the White House press corps getting a fun field trip with a president whose agenda they generally support, nor would it have yielded the still photos that the Obama White House communications shop would covet.
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RE: 9000 Gals Fuel=1 Earth Day Speech???

Postby MDV WI hunter » Fri Apr 24, 2009 6:27 am

Stop clouding the issue with facts....  I'm sure he purchased a carbon offset (that's loaded with sarcasm in case anyone was wondering) 
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Robert Rowland
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RE: 9000 Gals Fuel=1 Earth Day Speech???

Postby Robert Rowland » Sat Apr 25, 2009 10:50 am

the fuel for Marine One seems low.  Did they factor in the flight to get the chopper to Iowa? And what about all the hours of maintenence that is needed after each flight?

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RE: 9000 Gals Fuel=1 Earth Day Speech???

Postby MSHunter » Sat Apr 25, 2009 1:13 pm

Interesting facts!! But I'm willing to say the 9000 pounds of fuel are for flight only and does not include any fuel used while parked on the tarmac. I'm willing to bet the actual numbers are significantly higher.

Many moons ago when I was in the US Navy, President George W. Bush attended a summit is Brazil or Argentina (One of those banana republics). I was on a detachment to Roosevelt Roads Naval Station (Roosy Roads) in Peurto Rico. The backup plane for the president was parked there at Roosy. They brought in 3 complete aircrews to man the plane (8 hour shifts per crew). The plane was never turned offed for the 3 to 4 days it was there and was continually manned. Every 3 hours, a fuel truck with 80 to 90 thousand pounds of fuel rolled up to the plane to refuel it. It's my understanding that this is standard procedure and still holds true today (as far as I am aware).

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RE: 9000 Gals Fuel=1 Earth Day Speech???

Postby buckhunter21 » Sun Apr 26, 2009 10:13 am

Do they do that for safety reasons...Like if they need to leave suddenly they don't have worry about it not starting?  Still, that's a ton of fuel...Kind of ridiculous.

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RE: 9000 Gals Fuel=1 Earth Day Speech???

Postby MSHunter » Sun Apr 26, 2009 2:52 pm

I suppose safety is a big part of it, plane gets damaged or compromised, vital equipment won't function properly, etc. Overall, I think it gives the folks who look after the President just one more option, just in case.

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