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RE: Crossbow Lobby

Postby msbadger » Tue May 26, 2009 2:52 am

Coach need to feel that way...and when you explain it the way in which you did ...your use makes perfact scense...
As far as the lazy referance it was'nt really directed to bow hunters that some times use cross bows...for they have already learned what it really takes to be a bow hunter.... but the types IN THIS AREA...that would'nt even concider picking up a bow to hunt until they had a chance to use a cross bow...can you understand my meaning? we all know I can...sometimes[;)]...convey strong thoughts in a harsh manner..[:o]
I have to say that it's sad...when I speak of these things and then find that it is not just the region I'm in.... but others across the state.... perhaps getting the word out that the guys and gals that hunt in a respectful and honest fashion in this state are tired of the others making things difficult and frustrating and dangerous...then we can get things to change...before ...some finish rolling their eyes and mumbling fueling antis...remember that ppl of opposing views respect  those of the opposition...when they see... said... is willing to make improvements within their own betters our position
 I don't think all X-bow hunters break the law and trespass ...I ment that those who do now.... and use only guns to do so or the iggits that every year I have to go behind and scoure our road side field picking up arrows with broad heads..... before I bush hog.....tractor tire repairs cost alot of money..
 It's a sore subject and hard to express a view on either side that does'nt sound TOO critcal...nature of the beast 

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RE: Crossbow Lobby

Postby NYarcher » Tue May 26, 2009 3:30 am

I too can come off harsh to some when I express my views. I feel kinda guilty cause I was the first to respond to squirrelhawker and stirred up this hornets nest! [:@] I have nothing against crossbow hunters myself either, but the situation here in REGION 8 needs to be taken care of before they legalize another weapon. And great point about the hunter safety courses being a joke. I agree wholeheartedly. Everybody passes! Its crazy! Might as well make it an online course! ( just joking! [;)]). Without enforcing existing game laws and properly teaching new hunters, this problem will continue to get worse. And legalizing another weapon will only compound the problem.
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RE: Crossbow Lobby

Postby coach » Tue May 26, 2009 3:13 pm

Hey guys....I'm all good.
You guys really opened up my eyes to things I didn't know.
I'm glad we had this discussion. 
This is what Chat is all about........I've said it before...i'll say it again.
" Even the Coach can still be coached. "[;)]
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RE: Crossbow Lobby

Postby NYarcher » Wed May 27, 2009 4:01 am

Thats the nice thing about this site. We all learn from one another. I have learned a ton myself from different members. I find this site to be as if not more important to me than D&DH magazine. (hope I didnt just hang myself! lol)
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RE: Crossbow Lobby

Postby Squirrelhawker » Wed May 27, 2009 11:24 am


Maybe Being Canadian and not having the same rules, ....your right.....maybe I don't understand. 
But there..... you both said it.....
" I don't have to deal with the hunters "  HUNTERS>   Not crossbow....HUNTERS.
By the way guys....uh...what is DEC.  (police) ?  Sorry.

No matter what they use....its the hunter you guys have to deal with.  Not the tool. 

In the old days, there were 30-30. Now, 308...30-06....300 Mag....338 Mag.....From lever action to semi automatic....From the old muzzle loader that use to shoot up to 80 muzzle that now shoot up to 200 yards.  Its all getting easier.  But that's a money issue.  I think.
People are not against the new improved muzzleloader that now shoots like a rifle.
Isn't crossbow a different archery tool that is being use.  If you hear people say they shoot 80-90 yards with a crossbow, they are the type of hunters that....1) don't know distance very well,  2) are very irresponsible.....or 3) Think they are Robin Hood even though they look like Little Red Riding HOod.

But again...your letting people with crossbow....bad reputation.....past a judgement on crossbow hunting itself.

I appolagize for coming the wrong way....Its hard being a Frenchy and try to give straight opinion.

So if everybody that uses crossbows were responsible....would you still be against it?

Again to both.....Sorry for the previous email.

Different country or not Coach, you've stumbled on a central focal point of this debate and that is, that it is the hunter and not the tool. Nobody has any shred of data, from any other state or country, to suggest that the legalization of another tool would bring about the horrors they keep talking about. Nobody. It is a mirage, a fairytale. It doesn't exist. I know some would dearly love to have it be so, but I can't help them. All that matters in this debate, and any other one for that matter, is what is the truth and what are the facts.
If I said something like "whitetail deer always feed in the morning" everybody on this list would immediately jump right in the middle of my trip. 'Cause they know doggone well that is not the truth. And they would have the facts to back it up. But for some reason, when it comes down to the use of another tool to hunt with, nobody seems to need any real info. They just need to make stuff up and be loud.

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RE: Crossbow Lobby

Postby sits in trees » Wed Jun 03, 2009 2:51 am

i'm new to this forum but not new to hunting and the misguided bickering and blubbering that the anti crossbow crowd has been spewing for decades now has gotten old and tired.

it's so pathetic when someone comes across with the same old argument that "crossbows will bring the type of hunter we don't like into the woods"

do the hunters of the country a favor and get off your high horse and give up hunting, because your elitist snobbery does nothing but hurt and destroy us a group!!!

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RE: Crossbow Lobby

Postby 69Viking » Wed Jun 03, 2009 4:52 am

I'm not from New York but let me offer you this. I am nearly 40 and never learned to hunt with a bow, only a rifle. Then as I got older I decided I would like to try something new so I bought a Crossbow because yes that is slightly easier to learn to shoot than a compound bow but not as easy as you strictly archery people make it. It took me quite a while to sight in my crossbow and trust me it's not easy shooting it out of a climber. My Crossbow shoots around 300 Fps.

Well after learning how to shoot a Crossbow it gave me the courage to take the next step and buy a Compound Bow. I am now the proud owner of a slightly used Hoyt Ultra-Sport that I have until October to learn how to shoot effective enough so that I feel confident hunting with it. Ironically my new to me bow shoots about 300 Fps with it setup to my draw length of about 31", about the same as my Crossbow.

Without the experience with a Crossbow I may never have moved on to a Compound Bow but now that I have I really enjoy the challenge I have ahead of me. Like Coach said I will now be hunting the different seasons with a Crossbow, Compound Bow, Rifle, and Muzzleloader. Just so you know I follow all the rules & regulations and hunt the appropriate seasons with the appropriate weapon. To dog somebody because they enjoy the sport of hunting with a Crossbow is just not right. Shooting a Crossbow is nothing like shooting a rifle and I can tell you that from experience.

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RE: Crossbow Lobby

Postby adirondackhunter » Thu Jul 09, 2009 12:20 pm

Assuming crossbow hunters will become illegal hunters thats priceless. ANY hunter with ANY weapon chooses to hunt legally or not. To choose to go against any legal hunting because of some hunters who chooose to hunt illegally isn't right or fair to the hunters who want to hunt with a crossbow legally. As your statements to gun hunters ,i listen to bow hunters brag about using a bow because it's quiet to tresspass to kill deer and the owner will not know that they were there. So spare me the anti gun hunter speech.
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