2009-2010 Hunting Guides are Out!

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2009-2010 Hunting Guides are Out!

Postby 8uck5nort » Mon Jun 22, 2009 8:45 am

Season is getting closer!

Sept 15th is just too far away.

Good luck to all.
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RE: 2009-2010 Hunting Guides are Out!

Postby Wanderer » Thu Jun 25, 2009 1:54 am

I picked up the 2009 Indiana Hunting Guide down at Bailey's Hardware on tuesday. It appears that most of the regulations are unchanged save for the antlerless bag limits. In Indiana, the antlerless tags are allotted by each individual county rather than using zones like Wisconsin does. The state legislature passed a bill requiring the DNR to double the bag limits on deer in those counties having the highest deer/vehicle collision rates. It just so happens that I have a house and 54 acres in Fulton county, where the limit was raised from 4 to 8, and my 160 acres of hunting land is just across the Fulton/Marshall county line where the limit has also been raised from 4 to 8. Unfortunately, the state did not lower the cost of the antlerless tags. The tags remain at $24.00 for the 1st one and $15.00 for all subsequent tags. Because my land is taxed as agricultural, I don't need to pay for any antlerless tags on the home place. So I guess if I want to, I can now take 16 antlerless deer on "extra tags" and another 2 antlerless on my archers licenses and another antlerless on my muzzle loader license. Plus my one state allotted buck on either my gun license or archers or muzzle loader license. This assumes that my wife doesn't hunt. I guess we need a bigger freezer.
We do have a deer population problem here in Indiana. My nearest neighbor has an 80 acre parcel across the road from me with 23 acres devoted to a "You Pick Em" blueberry farm. The deer are eating blossoms off the bushes and costing him some real money. Later on in the year, the bucks will thrash a bunch of his bushes when the rut starts. He has asked for my assistance in thinning the herd. Their only son hunts, but will only shoot trophy bucks.
I will probably kill two deer like I did last year , or maybe add a third one this year. I doubt that we could use more than that. It's a nice problem to have though. The state doubles the bag limit the same year that my employer has a "group work force reduction" which is HR talk for "you no longer have a job here". That means that I can hunt every day of the season from the Oct 1 archery opener through the Jan 3rd closing of late archery season. Woo-Hoo.

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RE: 2009-2010 Hunting Guides are Out!

Postby John1961 » Thu Jun 25, 2009 6:06 am

Wonderer has it all figured out. Need any help with that deer problem?Image
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