Pop-Up Blinds???

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Pop-Up Blinds???

Postby arodgers21 » Sun Nov 16, 2008 12:35 pm

I am looking to purchase a pop-up blind.  Curious though, since they are so warm especially for bow hunting in Texas, does anyone ever have trouble w/ critters getting in, (i.e. snakes, scorpions, etc.)?  I also am curious do people that own pop up blinds use them year round or seasonally. I am curious if people are starting to swing toward the pop up blind due to versatility rather than a fixed permanent stand that is where it is?  Any response or insight would be greatly appreciated, and will definetley help me make a good decision.  Last question, which pop-up would you personally recommend?

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Re: Pop-Up Blinds???

Postby kellory » Mon Oct 17, 2011 6:13 pm

I have a couple of pop ups the simple dog house has no floor, sets up very easily, and they are cheap (40-50) the ameristep reverible is my main blind not real cheap but large enough for two guys easily, full floor, two camo patterns (I have the mobu/ shaddowgrass) which means more adaptable, . very nice blind. sets up easily and quietly, And I do not leave either out very long. If I was to leave one long term, it would be the cheaper one. They are easy to steal. I use a cable and padlock to a tree for a couple of days use on public lands. On private lands with restricted access, I would be happier leaving set up, but I would still lock it off to a tree. I would suggest you mark any gear that you intend to leave on site anywhere. I would also check e-bay for blinds, they have quite alot of them. One pic has a current Manard's ad flyer. Very cheap pop up. I would leave one of these without worring adout it.
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Re: Pop-Up Blinds???

Postby spike slayer » Wed Oct 19, 2011 1:32 pm

me personaly do not care to much for a pop ups i own 2 one dog house style my wife hates it she is very closterfobic and the other is a more roomy 2 man...after one season of using them i found it alot more e-z to build your own set it up to your liking may or may not be cheeper if you go all the way with it but i found a homemade to be more versital for bow hunting and check out youtube may get some good ideas on some nice set ups that have worked well for others...ps with a pop up i have to use a little kids chair to just be low enuff to shoot/see converbley and me bein 6foot 2 it hell on the legs and knees after a hour or 2...sound advice!!

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