NAP Blood Runner

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NAP Blood Runner

Postby MN_Prairie_Prowler » Wed Jul 22, 2009 3:37 am

Just wondering if anyone has heard good or bad about these broadheads?
The last couple years I have been shooting G5 Strikers and they have worked good for me but I have been looking for a lower profile broadhead for less wind drift at longer distances. I love the Teken II's but in the states I hunt they are considered "barbed" and illegal. Not a fan of the Rage. I seen on two occassions where the blades broke or fell off and they didnt even hit bone. Also looking for something that I can shoot through the net without big L arms grabbing the net.
Has anyone shot these yet or looked at them?

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RE: NAP Blood Runner

Postby eric » Mon Jul 27, 2009 6:54 pm

I purchased a set of these 3 weeks ago. Have practiced with exellent results.  Im grouping a field point fallowed by a nap at 40 yards with in a 1.5 inch dot. Still have some fine tuning with rest.
     The last 3 years i shot rage. First 2 had great success. Last year had one open in flight. Easy 30 yard shot gone bad. It wasnt so much the Path as was the flutter sound it made. the buck dropped as my arrow flew over top.  Any way rage are great broad heads, majority of my buddies insist on them, but im switching.
   I have also puchased the fixed blade f-15 to try out.

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