no usually deer sign....

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RE: no usually deer sign....

Postby msbadger » Thu Aug 06, 2009 3:01 pm

Here we are 2 months later...lots of deer sign now [:D]...I tried hanging my last strong built ladder bow stand....[&o] I'm getting old...after bouncing it off the ground 3 times I gave in and realized I needed help with this after work he popped over and we walked to the tree  while he told of the 13-15 giant bucks some guy video taped in the farmers field ...right behind his house..he lives 10min. away...his house came with a 8x12ft shooting HOUSE with 4x8 ft deck ...that is up on 20ft telephone poles....Oh thats wired with where do you think he'll be?
He walked the stand up while I held the bottom...then racheted it in and locked it up...while up there he said MOM this sits right in the middle of 2 major trails on either side(4 all) and one across the back...I knew there were is against a huge maple and is between a corn field to the south and my food plots and two major down falls to the north....east is the gully and more plots.....west is the hillside going into a swamp....I can't wait![:D] Now that is some usual deer sign[;)]


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