Build a sandbag!

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Build a sandbag!

Postby JPH » Wed Feb 11, 2009 1:03 pm

Do you want to build muscle and loose fat? Do you want a total body strength and conditioning system that will fit in the trunk of a compact car? Do you want a complete home gym system for under $65 dollars? Then build yourself a sandbag! 

Sorry, I was trying to sound like the infomercial guy, but I am serious. Sandbag training is awesome and cheap! The equipment list that you will need is as follows:

-Duffel bag
any old bag will do but I prefer the army surplus kind because of the durability (you Squids and Jar-Heads will know them as seabags).
-Contractor grade trash bags they have to be heavy-duty contractor grade or they won't hold up. You can get them at any big box home improvement store.
-Zip-ties and Duct tape I'm guessing that we are all familiar with those items.
-Sand found at any hardware store, the beach or in the neighbor kid's sandbox.

I quickly priced all of these, and even if you had to buy the sand, it comes to a mere $61.00. Chump change.

Pour roughly 10 lbs. of sand into multiple trash bags. Close the bags off with a zip-tie, allowing room for the sand to shift in the bag. Trim the tale of the zip-tie and cover with several wraps of duct tape. Double bag by repeating the process. Now you should have a small pile of 10 lb., double thickness, plastic sandbags.

Place the plastic bags in the heavy outer bag until you reach the desired weight. (Caution: It does not take a lot of weight to make this a killer tool. I suggest roughly 25-30% of your body weight for beginners.) Draw up the excess fabric until there is some room for movement but not a lot. Secure the excess fabric with duct tape. Done!

Here are a couple of tutorial aids:

Now, what the heck do you do with this thing, we'll talk later. Just build one!

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RE: Build a sandbag!

Postby JPH » Thu May 07, 2009 2:57 pm

I wanted to bump this thread because next week's exercise of the week is going to use it, and a few upcoming routines will also.

If you are playing along at home and do not wish to build a sandbag, I suggest at least loading up a backpack with some heavy gear.

See you Monday. [;)]

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