Registering your deer!

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Registering your deer!

Postby dmcianfa » Thu Oct 16, 2008 7:52 am

This is more or less a thread dedicated to the regulations established by the state of Wisconsin on registering every deer in the state.

I commend the DNR and affiliated people for mandating this rule.  At first I thought this was cumbersome and very "big government" to mandate registration of ALL deer taken in the state and was not used to the idea, having hunted in Michigan where this is not required by law. I recently had a mishap where this rule benefitted me as a hunter:

I went out hunting near Iola, Wisconsin last year and hunted some property of my brother-in-laws which harbors some nice bucks as exemplified by his wall.  I harvested a doe first, as required for all Earn-a-Buck units, but failed to connect on a buck and subsequently was able to keep my Buck Authorization tag and use it right away this year on a buck and not have to bag a doe first.  As many hunters know this is a huge advantage in these units because a wallhanger could be the first to pass by your stand, so needless to say, I was pumped to hunt a buck this year as soon as the season started.  However, those feelings quickly subsided when I could not find my buck authorization tag from the previous year and I came to find out that my wife, to be nice, washed my hunting clothes last year, albiet with the proper detergent (I commend her for that!), and my sticker was in my scent lok suit in its usual pocket.  Whel, after the wash it was pretty much non-existent and went down the drain with the dirt from my jacket.  I was sure that fate would rear its ugley head and old snarly charlie would be the first to walk by my stand this season.  To my suprise, I contacted the DNR and they were able to replace the sticker with another since they were able to track that I harvested a doe last year and did not harvest a buck through registration numbers kept on databases that they use.  Talk about making my day! If it wasn't for this system, I would be hunting hard for does to try and down one as quickly as possible to earn another buck authorization sticker, which I don't think would be too difficult, but now I can arrow a buck right away if I choose to do so.  Not only does it count herd population numbers, which can be accurately tracked through this process and is typically more accurate than the educated guesses other states currently do, but it allows officials to view any diseases or disorders that may have inflicted the deer.  Oh yeah, and it also helps hunters in their time of need, when clumsy people like myself misplace or lose their stickers, hahha!  Kudos to the WI DNR for having such intricate and dedicated systems which provide our hunters with more services than one would expect.  So next time your in the woods and see a fellow conservation officer or representative think of a good law or practice the natural resources dept. in your state has mandated or regulated and give them a big pat on the back and simple thank you and maybe you'll just make someone else's day too!!! [:)]
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RE: Registering your deer!

Postby buckhunter21 » Thu Oct 16, 2008 2:52 pm

As a WI resident I'm not 100% totally behind the DNR, or I should say I don't totally 100% agree with how they run things but you got that right about the registering.  Even though it's easier, I never want our state to go to a program where you call your deer in like some states.  This is losing some tradition I feel by doing this...Always have to be faster.  Sometimes change isn't always good and I would have to agree it has to do with this particular subject. 

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