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RE: Taxidermy

Postby Marc Anthony » Fri Oct 02, 2009 10:02 am

Hey guys, I'm also a taxidermist and I do world class work. I've done a lot of work for world class heads/displays, etc. I've even done work for the owners of the world record heads who travel and displays them. I do have a company and we do work nationally but the reason I'm writing here, is to let you know I can help you find a good taxidermist by showing you what to look for!
There's a lot of trash out there and you really won't know how long your mount will last unless you investigate. If anyone wants to see any of my work, just let me know and I'll post some pictures here. I'm not trying to sell my services as I only take a quota and I'm already booked for the year, just merrily trying to help! 
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