Slick Tricks vs Steel Force:

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Slick Tricks vs Steel Force:

Postby loneranger » Thu Jan 15, 2009 11:51 am

Anyone use slick Trick broadheads,,or Rocket Ultimate Steels ? I have used rocket sidewinders for yrs, but sometimes I don't get too much of a blood trail. They always bring em down,,but I have read great things about The Ultimate Steels and Slick Tricks. They say due to their size ,,they too fly like field pts, both of them. Slicks have 4 blades and can easily replace blades. Ultimate Steels,,you get 6 for the usual price of three. Sidewinders you only get 3 and the blades are not that easy or economcal to replace. Also,,on the topic of bolts. I have heard the opposite of what I have read on here,,,,Carbons are more quiet than Aluminum. I am trying carbon, goldtips too.

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