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Need Some Advice

Postby 8uck5nort » Sun Nov 23, 2008 10:11 am

Here is the deal.
I am hunting with my 16 year old son since opening day of firearms. He uses only a .50 cal ML. I am still trying to fill my last archery and can only take a buck at this point.
We have been hunting in a patch of woods where we are seeing plenty of does and buttons (Saturday I saw 17 and my son saw 5 which were a mix of does and buttons, This morning he saw 4 does and I saw one doe and one button), but no shootable bucks (His personal standard is a six pointer at least mine is about the same). My son missed a decent buck opening day and that is the last one we have seen.
We have hunted this patch pretty hard (last two weekends and we are one of 4 people that hunt albiet at different times). I believe the runt is still going, but definitley slowing down (I'm guessing and could be wrong). Should we bail and look for another place (We can move to a different patch of woods, but they are smaller). Keep hunting around the doe groups? We have left the does and buttons alone. (I took one with bow back onthe 10th, but that's it). Should I be more agressive with scents, rattling, bleating, calling? I've tried a little of everyting in the last two weeks, but no dice.
Am I just getting paranoid or should we just stay where the does are? Just accept we are out of the race and wait for ML and late archery?
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