Lone Wolf Alpha Climber versus ???

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RE: Lone Wolf Alpha Climber versus ???

Postby dmcianfa » Thu Nov 05, 2009 7:02 am

Bought the hand climber 3 years ago.  Never looked back.  Tossed all my other clinky, noisy, scratchy, clanky, heavy stands.  Lone wolf beats them no holds barred.  Easy to pack, light, not noisy in the least bit, stable and low profile.  The hand climber is indeed not for the faint of heart, but using a safety belt should make you feel more comfortable with movement.  You'll get used to the size and love the silence.  I recently bought the sit and climb seat with bar.  Plainly put, its awesome.  If I know I want to sit all day, I will bring along the sit and climb seat.  It's got all the leverage with the bar and very comfortable with arm rests and a hammock style seat.  I use the bar upright in front of me parrallel to the ground if I'm in a "tricky" tree or put it under my legs if I wish to pull a shot off without having to hit the bar with a bow.  Your able to face the tree and sit or the other way around with the bar too. It moves, so you can place it where you want.  I'll never buy from another company I love this stand so much.  My buddies can't believe how light it is, even the sit and climb version.  If I packed in their summits to the places I go, I would sweat up a storm and ruin the hunt right then and there, not so with lone wolf.  I was so pumped, I want to buy stock.  The money is well worth it as I was skeptical at first to dig in the wallet, but man it's paid for itself and then some.  I think the belt straps are easier to climb with because they are flexible too and I have no worries about the strength of them.  They really know how to accomidate the serious hunter.
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RE: Lone Wolf Alpha Climber versus ???

Postby 69Viking » Thu Nov 05, 2009 8:25 am

After a lot of research and looking at the varying prices in climbing treestands I finally went with the API Outdoors Alumi-Tech. It has the motorcycle chain style cables that go around the tree that are easy to adjust and I can get them over knots in the tree. When you climb you sit on the bar that wraps around your entire body when sitting down, this makes climbing a breeze and extremely quiet. Your bow won't clank on the bar either, it's covered in a neoprene padding there and in other places you might bump with your gun or bow, extremely quite all around. I'm 6'4" tall and weigh 250 pounds and this stand grabs into the tree hard and has never slipped even slightly while I've been climbing or sitting. Normal price for the stand is $269 but right now they are on sale for $229. If you want to check out reviews check the reviews on this one, 4.9 out 5 based on 24 reviews. As an owner I would easily give it a 5 star rating.


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RE: Lone Wolf Alpha Climber versus ???

Postby AM » Tue Nov 10, 2009 12:41 pm

Does anyone else have problems with an incredibly noisy seat pad on the hand climber? Every time I sit, or stand, it creeks loudly.


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