Anybody make it out Sat night?

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Anybody make it out Sat night?

Postby TheHoglandWonder » Mon Nov 10, 2008 9:04 am

I know this is a deer hunting website, but was wondering if anybody went coon hunting on Sat night. My partner and I went out and faced the bitter wind and frigid temperatures and were quite succesful. At the end of the night we had seventeen coon lyin' in the bed of the pick em' truck. We struck three woods and didn't really even look all that hard. Dim lights and keen eyes with a stagering zig-zag is all did. The coon were either in the middle or east side of the woods. The average weight was about thirteen pounds, hit one eighteen pounder, and had a ten pounder. Not to bad for the start of the season. The fur check will hopefully add up buy the end of the season.

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