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Postby peepsight » Mon Sep 22, 2008 5:34 pm

Some of you may have seen my other post about shooting out to 30 yards with one pin.  Yep, that was me, and my Bowtech "Old Glory"; a bow that Bowtech no longer makes.  I never got really too wrapped up in the whole speed at any cost is better attitude, but man this thing still smokes 'em to the point that I would not be afraid, today of a shot that was on the outside of 40 yards.
     Don't get me wrong, I would not prefer a shot at that range, considering I am from the East and living in an area where if you are presented with opportunities at greater than 35 yards, it is time to move the stand!!  But if it were the last day, and near quitting time for the season, a 40 yard shot is still on the high side of successful for me with this bow. 
     My confidence at shooting ranges in excess of 50 yards still sees me grouping them in about an 8 inch circle, which just tightens my 30 yard shots, and makes me able to see it and kill it with my eyesight at 20 and closer!![;)]  I am glad I bought this one, and have practiced with it, to a point of nothing will ever escape my aim again.
         I did robin hood an arrow when I never, ever wanted to do this at 30 yards.  It is a good way to lose expensive arrows when all you really want to do is group them tight, and together.  Thankfully I only lost the one arrow.  My mentor in bowhunting did this, too, and now he is low on arrows, and I know that it is going to be hard for him to get another 6 ready for our season which opens soon here.
          Anyway, I have shot other Bowtech bows, and I have been pleasantly surprised especially about "The Guardian".  Another super quiet bow, that slings them right in there...  If I only could justify the extra $770.00, I would own one as a back up to the one I have.  But even if I don't ever own one of these, I am really very happy with the Bowtech Old Glory, I bought two years ago.

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RE: Bowtech

Postby DeanoZ » Thu Nov 06, 2008 6:28 am

I used to own a Jennings Unistar...old compound, but in its hey day it was what the Mathews  were to Bows and Bowhunting now.  Long story short I broke it out again after a 15 year slumber and tried to upgrade it to current standards...ran me a couple hundred between new sights, rests, stabalizers strings cables...and dang if the thing still wasn't shooting straight.  I went to the pro shop to have it tuned and under my breath mumbled "I could have bought a new bow for the money I'm sinking into this old one".  Well the pro heard me and said "Here try this one out", and pulled out a used 2004 Bowtech VFT.  Felt light, had everything I needed on it already so i said lets try it out.  We took it out back, the pro did some quick fine tuning adjustments and inside of two shots I put 3 arrows in a 2 inch group at 20 yards.."SOLD"!!! It's fast and with a 70lb draw with 80% let off I can hold it at full draw all day.  I am just completely impressed with the Bowtech line and for sure my next bow will be a bowtech!

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