Ground hunter only

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Ground hunter only

Postby Hatchetman7169 » Mon Oct 20, 2008 3:53 am

[font="times new roman"]Hello all. It may seem I'm new, but I've been here for a while now. I finally joined the forum. I love it here because I've gotten to know some of you who post here, and I learn everytime I'm here, something new. [/font]
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[font="times new roman"]I only hunt from a ground blind, which is difficult because you are at the deers eye level, and no matter what, you stick out more than we think. I like ground blinds in the open, not inside a tent type like one of Ameristeps, except when in especially inclement weather. To clear this up, I'm a disabled Vet with a spinal fusion done in the lower back, and 6 months later I was run over once I returned to work, damaging the 4 discs around this area. [/font]
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[font="times new roman"]Any suggestions from you guys. I so appreciate it.[/font]
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[font="times new roman"]Ross County Ohio if any other readers are from close by.[/font]

My last buck. A management buck. 256 lbs on the hoof, but the 7 point rack never gets bigger and there was always only two on the left side. App a 3 1/2 year old buck.
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RE: Ground hunter only

Postby shaman » Mon Oct 20, 2008 5:28 am

Howdy Hatcheman!

I'm glad you stopped lurking and came out of the shadows.  My advice to you regarding blinds is now to crawl back into the shadows.

The best thing I can tell you with a ground blind is this:

1)  Use plenty of brush to blend your blind in with the surroundings.
2)  Use the sunlight to your advantage.  Deer have just as hard a time picking detail out of deep shadows as we do-- probably more. 
3)  Deer don't like jack-in-the-box orange hats popping up.  If possible, figure out a way to shoot either around the edge or through a hole in the blind.

My all-time best ground blind location was on a steep hillside, just below a stock pond.  Behind me would be the setting sun; ahead of me was a hillside filled with oaks.  Deer and turkey used to come out of the creek bottom below to feed on acorns and never once notice me.  This was a pop-up camo blind, but the top of the blind was indiscernible from the hillside behind me.  I just blended in with the forest floor.

Although I hunt almost exclusively now in Kentucky, I spend the week in Hamilton county, up north of Cincy. 
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RE: Ground hunter only

Postby OHhunter » Mon Oct 20, 2008 5:44 am

What's up fellow Ross countian, I hunt almost exclusively out of a treestand.  But have had some success rattling decoying from the ground.  I like to do it pre-rut, rut I find some good cover on a field edge with the wind my favor rattle a little while and wait usually about an hour.  If nothing shows I move to a different field and do the same.  I've called in several this way.  If you have decoy it helps, I use my 3d target.



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