Flash Lights

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Flash Lights

Postby hunter480 » Sun Oct 12, 2008 10:15 am

Something I find that is grossly overlooked in hunting, is a good flashlight. And I`m a bit of a snob about flashlights, so I don`t mean the wal-mart special, but I`m talking a real lighting device.
My nephew, who is a hunting nut, maybe even more than me, was skeptical about how critical, and how awesome a flashlight could be, until I gave him a Sure Fire flashlight for Christmas a few years back-now he`s a convert.
The Sure Fire flashlights come in many price ranges, but all are incredible lighting devices. I own 3, one is the Commander 8NX, a flashlight with rechargable batteries,  one is the E2e Executive Elite, which runs off Lithium batteries,  and one is one of their cheaper camo models I keep in the truck with my Glock .45 and a spare magazine.
I know money is tighter than ever today, but if you`re serious about, both, hunting, and, a lighting device that can make all the difference in a combat situation, check out the Sure Fire flashlights. They`re absolutely worth the cost.

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