well I got busted tonight

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well I got busted tonight

Postby AfterShock95 » Sat Oct 11, 2008 2:28 pm

I got out to my tree stand kind of late tonight well almost 6 pm. Well nothing was really exciting was happening just watching tree rats running around then about 7 I seen out of the corner of my eyes 3 deer starting to cross the creek. As I turned my head to take a better look I seen it was a button buck knowing I wasn't going to shot him well he caught my movement and was looking right at me. Well after about 20 seconds he decided he was going to walk that way so he started to walk up the creek the whole time looking right at me and so the other deer followed him and so did the big doe the button buck was messing around about 10 yards behind my stand and then he was right under my stand just looking right up at me. Well by this time the big doe was making her way to the south of me about 20 yds. So I was have ass looking at her trying not to spook her so she walked out in front of me down another path and across the creek she went well the button buck was just walking out in front of me when the doe she walked up another path on the other side of the creek and seen me move. Well she hissed at me and started to stomp her foot and the button buck hauled ass and there I was. The chess game was over and I went home empty handed well tonight anyways. But I'm not worried just thought I would share my evening with you guys

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