Anyone read Gut It. Cut It. Cook It. yet???

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Anyone read Gut It. Cut It. Cook It. yet???

Postby Esau » Wed Oct 21, 2009 9:02 am

[font="times new roman"]Hello, everyone![/font]
[font="times new roman"]I'm Al Cambronne, co-author of Gut It. Cut It. Cook It.: The Deer Hunter's Guide to Processing and Preparing Venison[/i].  It's just out from Krause, the same company that publishes D&DH.[/font]
[font="times new roman"]If anyone here has already read Gut It. Cut It. Cook It.[/i], Eric and I would love to hear your feedback-especially, of course, if you have any GOOD things to say about it!  (If you also visit the Amazon, Borders, or Barnes & Noble websites, we could use reviews there, too.)  If you find our book helpful, please spread the word.[/font]
[font="times new roman"]I've just joined the forum, and I hope to contribute every now and then to a few discussions here.  But I don't want to get instantly booted for blatant and excessive book plugs.  So this is the one and only.  And I promise I'll keep it short.[/font]
[font="times new roman"]When Eric and I wrote Gut It. Cut It. Cook It.[/i], we knew there were already a few other books on this topic.  But none of them really passed the "how-to" test.  If you didn't already know what you were doing, you couldn't just open your knife, open your book, and confidently begin "gutting and cutting."  We hope this book is different.  We explain everything step-by-step, and we've included lots of color photos that actually show how to complete key steps.[/font]
[font="times new roman"]In a later chapter, we've included a few quick cooking tips-but not even one recipe.  (The book does, however, come with a CD that includes 50 recipes, plus a bunch of other helpful information.)[/font]
[font="times new roman"]Here's what we were thinking.  Even if nothing else goes wrong along the way, a lot of venison gets ruined in the kitchen.  Cooking venison is definitely different from cooking beef.  We wanted to include some tips for adjusting your cooking techniques accordingly.  But rather than padding the book with dozens of recipes, we wanted to focus on the practical, step-by-step details of field-dressing and butchering.  That's how we used most of our 256 pages.  After all, there are already plenty of cookbooks out there.  (Including, by the way, a good one from Krause.)[/font]
[font="times new roman"]There's also a final chapter on saving antlers, caping your trophy buck, and cleaning a skull for one of those "European mounts."  Even if you decide not to tackle those projects, you'll still have a better appreciation for the work taxidermists do.  You may even complain less about your taxidermy bill.[/font]
[font="times new roman"]Anyway, if you already own our book, or if you've found a copy at your local library, please let us know how we did.  Thanks![/font]
[font="times new roman"]Al[/font]

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RE: Anyone read Gut It. Cut It. Cook It. yet???

Postby 69Viking » Thu Oct 22, 2009 3:30 am

I haven't bought the book yet but I have been thinking about it. It would be nice if anybody that has read it chimed in and gave us a review! I don't have the setup at home yet to butcher my own deer but hope to in the next year or so and I think this book could be a good guide. Thanks for posting, hopefully we'll get some responses from people who actually have read it. If not I might just have to order it and be the first!

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RE: Anyone read Gut It. Cut It. Cook It. yet???

Postby Lot to Learn 2 » Mon Dec 21, 2009 2:38 am

great book, Got it Sat and have read through.  I wish I would have had this quite a while ago. As I have posted i was wanting to do a better job field dressing and more importantly processing. I have not looked at the included cd with recipes and butcher cuts yet, but that is just a bonus.  thanks, you did a great job.

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RE: Anyone read Gut It. Cut It. Cook It. yet???

Postby WiredToHunt » Mon Jan 17, 2011 4:19 pm

This is an absolutely great book. This is without a doubt the most comprehensive and user friendly guides for properly handling and processing a deer. I've been able to read through it and am actually planning on writing up a full review shortly. I'll be sure to post a link here soon.
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