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Postby bamadeerhunter4 » Sat Sep 26, 2009 2:54 pm

I have bow hunted for 18 years since i was 11 years old . Ihave taken up a recurve now . I LOVE IT I have not shot my compound since i got my recurve . I want to know what yaul think is the best one piece recurve . And what type of broadheads do you like with a recurve .

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RE: recurve

Postby clfenimore » Fri Jan 01, 2010 9:35 am

I see it's been several months since you started this post. I guess there aren't allot of traditional archers on the forum. I am fairly new to the deer and deer hunting forum. I've been into archery since I was 12. I did a little bowfishing as a teenager though I didn't start bowhunting until 1990 when I was 32 I started hunting with a used 50 # bear Kodiak mag I bought at a pawn shop a friend gave me some 45-50 cedar shafts and some well used Delta rothar snuffer broadheads. Bear and Martin both make several good affordable Recurves. I've had three Recurves since then a 65 # martin howat hunter; I sold it and used the money to help buy a 60# Martin Mamba. The Mamba fit my hand better and I also bought another Bear Kodiak mag 60# that will accept a fast flight string though I use Dacron. Recently I bought a 60# bear Montana long bow it will also except fast flight though I use a Dacron string on it also I prefer Dacron strings. I make and sell traditional strings Both Flemish and continuous loop to friends, family and others also on EBay. I Still use Snuffer broadheads though now they are a Magnus product Snuffer broadheads are easy to sharpen you can sharpen them with a standard file and they will cut a hole through a deer like nothing else. I make my own Strings and Arrows I'v also made a couple of self bows out of Osage Orange (Hedge) A few years ago I started trying compounds. I have taken several deer with compound bows though I still enjoy hunting with traditional archery tackle. I have an archery shop in my home so I try to keep up with what's new now I hunt with both traditional and modern archery gear. If I had to choose one or the other I'd Choose Traditional Bows over Compounds in a heart beat.
Here is a photo of a Buck I took with My Martin Mamba back in 2000 I used Snuffer broadheads and Cedar shafts that I died black before I dipped them.

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RE: recurve

Postby Woods Walker » Sat Jan 09, 2010 3:45 pm

I don't know how I missed this one!
You're advice is sound and right on too.
Any cut on contact, low blade angled broadhead will do the job with a stickbow, as long as it's razor sharp, and that most of the time, that means that it's probably best to sharpen them yourself.
There are many good recurve bows out there. The ones you mentioned are all good. I like Bear Super Kodiaks myself.
I started out on a recurve (there was no such thing as "traditional" archery back was just "archery"), and after 23 years with the wheels, I went back to it, and I love it more than ever.
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