Do you hear the Locusts?

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Do you hear the Locusts?

Postby hunter480 » Sun Aug 31, 2008 7:06 am

[font="times new roman"]Do you hear the Locusts? Here in Indiana, they begin to call each late summer/early fall. I just love the noise they make, it`s hard to describe, or to find another sound like it to compare to, but, for me, it`s mesmerizing. [/font]
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[font="times new roman"]I used to hear that sound when I was just a small game hunter, before I became addicted to the white-tail, that has become so abundant in Indiana. Then it meant Squirrel season was either upon us, or very near, and it was a cause for celebration. Maybe I`d go to the closest reservoir, catch several nice catfish, usually channels, and come home to enjoy a feast of fried catfish, ears of Indiana sweet corn, and fresh, thick-sliced local tomato's.[/font]
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[font="times new roman"]Today it means, I`d better have been shooting my bow for several weeks by now, because, white-tail season, just as sure as the cold, raw winds that whip across the picked crop fields all winter, are coming. [/font]
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[font="times new roman"]I used to deer hunt alone, way back then, making the drive from Indianapolis to south of Bloomington to hunt the Hoosier National Forest. It was a tough time, covering all that distance every day of firearms season. I couldn`t afford then to get a room in town and stay closer to the hunt, back then, the gas was cheaper than the room. So I made the drive, every day-I was a zombie by the end of the season, all I knew was driving, hiking back into the forest the 2 miles or so I went, and waiting, watching, patiently, for deer. I killed a couple deer there, on that hard hunted ground.[/font]
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[font="times new roman"]Today, I hunt with my buddy, Harold. His mother-in-law owns a couple very small farms in Putnam county, which is where I`m fortunate enough to reside. Harold just lives one county East. What was I thinking? I live an hour from work, but 10 minutes from the closest of two stands.[/font]
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[font="times new roman"]It wasn`t a hard sell to get Harold interested in deer hunting. He already had a hunting background, he used to rabbit hunt every Saturday with his Dad and Uncles and Cousins when he was a kid. When I casually mentioned to him, that he should get a bow, like I had just done, and begin to practice, he was eager to get started. We went out together one cold morning of Indiana's late Archery Season. We got up into our ladder stands well before daylight, and sat and watched as the snow began to fall, quickly turning the grey landscape into, yup, a winter wonderland. It was shortly after daybreak, when something spooked 5 or 6 does out of a heavy swale on the property, that we stay out of, until the very last hunting time left. The swale is a safe haven for these doe families, and we try not to push them there. But here was a doe family, running past me, about 45 yards out, single file, straight to Harold. I heard the story later, but it unfolded as he saw the deer rapidly approaching him. He stood slowly and tried to mentally prepare for his first ever shot with a bow, at white-tail deer. They were on top of him immediately, the closest only being 15 yards away. He began to draw his bow, and at nearly half-draw……TINK! The arrow fell off the side if the arrow rest, and it must have sounded like a rifle shot. The deer, all of them, turned and quickly disappeared over the ridge. BUT….. Harold was hooked.[/font]
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[font="times new roman"]I was with him when he killed his first ever deer, a big-bodied 8 pointer, with his bow, no less. What a beautiful deer, and what a proud hunter. That head resides on his wall today. There was the time, I watched a huge Indiana 2 ½ year old, a tall 8-pointer rub a  tree for what seemed like forever, then finally presented me a 20 yard bowshot, as he was making a scrape, that Harold helped me drag out of the woods very late into that night. That buck field dressed at over 200 lbs.[/font]
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[font="times new roman"]It`s really great not hunting alone anymore… never bothered me before, but I guess it was the same as not knowing what you have, until you don`t have it anymore. Just knowing my buddy is out there, even though, we only see each other as we prepare to leave the trucks to head into the woods, and back at the trucks after legal shooting hours. OR, when we get to celebrate one of our kills together.  [/font]
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[font="times new roman"]So, can you hear the Locusts? I do, and it`s whispering to me, that a special time, a special season of life is coming. In no time at all, I`ll be high in my ladderstand, the leaves will be crimson and gold, and I`ll see bucks, heads down, following the scent laid down by a doe, not quite, but nearly hot. I`ll see the frost on the picked fields as I walk in the dark to my stand. I`ll see the glorious sunrise, as I`m shivering on stand, hoping deer in the area don`t pick me off. I`ll finish the day by "putting the squirrels to bed" just after a magnificent sunset. Maybe I`ll even hear deer shuffling from their staging areas behind me and to the east, as I wait to climb down from my stand.[/font]
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[font="times new roman"]When I hear the Locusts, I know, that I`m about to come alive again, like a butterfly, ready to push through it`s cocoon, ready to burst forth, and take in sights, smells, and feelings that will all seem new again. The hunt renews me, it reminds me why I accept lying dormant the entire rest of the year. So that I can walk into the deer woods again, become the predator God intended me to be. So I can smell the smell of freshly pawed earth, listen to the antlers raked up and down trees in a thicket. Catch that flash of brown hide through the trees, and feel my heart coming up in my throat, as I stand and pick up my bow, hoping that deer will present a shot.[/font]
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[font="times new roman"]Do you hear the Locusts………….?[/font]
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[font="times new roman"]Good luck to you all, God Bless and keep safe.[/font]
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RE: Do you hear the Locusts?

Postby shaman » Sun Aug 31, 2008 7:37 am

Yes, I'm hearing them.  They start in late July around the Ohio Valley.  If they're what I'm thinking of, they are annual cicadas-- the big green and black ones.    
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RE: Do you hear the Locusts?

Postby djohns13 » Sun Aug 31, 2008 10:31 am

I absolutely love the cicadas!!  It is just one of the things that make you stop and think about how blessed you are.  Cicadas usually mean squirrel season and since I know no hunt the bushytails, it makes me think about how excited I am that we are closing in on deer season.
Good shooting.
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RE: Do you hear the Locusts?

Postby mag30079 » Mon Sep 01, 2008 3:26 am

I hear them too. I'll send them south right to ya.

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RE: Do you hear the Locusts?

Postby GTOHunter » Mon Sep 01, 2008 5:32 am

Great Story Hunter480.....I have been hearing the locust too and they are telling me to get ready for Deer Season! [;)]
The other day at work we watched a locust crawl up a large maple tree in front of our pinic table,as we came out to take our different breaks every 2 hours the locust was in different stages of breaking through its shell,holding onto the outside of its shell,un-folding the clear green wings and letting them dry out in the sun then moving around the tree to find a cubby hole/hiding spot to taking off and heading on it short lived life and journey!A few years ago we had the 13 or 17 year locust hatching here in Missouri....there were so many of them that the sound was deafing all around you!

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RE: Do you hear the Locusts?

Postby trapperDave » Tue Sep 02, 2008 4:07 am

we had the 17 year ones come out a couple years ago, very deafening to say the least.
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