New to hunting.

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New to hunting.

Postby ScootD » Mon Aug 25, 2008 6:31 pm

My name is Scott and I am fairly new to the sport of whitetail hunting. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on setting up a food plot for a very low amount of money. I live on 20 acres and about 85% of it is thick woods and about 5% is an open field where I was looking to start my plot. I have my ground blind, in which I use for gun season and I also have my tree stand used for bowhunting set up in the woods near a swampy area, that is also next to a field used for radio towers with about a 7 foot fence surrounding it. What I was wondering though is if there is a fairly inexpensive way to start a food plot in the field that I have my gun blind set up. The area I live in is in the city of New Boston which is about 30 mins. north of the ohio border about 10 miles from 275. The deer activity here is pretty good considering the fact that a lot of sub-divisions are going up in the area, but that just makes it better for me because it is pushing the deer onto my land. Right now I am using the old school style of baiting which is putting the corn or other baits directly on the ground. I have seen many tracks and other signs of big bucks in the area but with there being so much open land I would like to localize them to stay very close to my property. So if any of you that reads this has any ideas on how to set up a food plot for very cheap then please let me know, you input will be very much appreciated. Thanks and good luck to all of you hunters in the upcoming season.

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