Scoring Deer?

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Marc Anthony
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RE: Scoring Deer?

Postby Marc Anthony » Tue Feb 02, 2010 3:04 pm


You are very correct Marc Anthony, the G4's are usually a good indication that the buck will score well. On the other hand, it usually needs another characteristic feature as well to push it into the 140" rang, such as; heavy mass, long G1's, exceptional spread or long main beams. If it has one of the before mentioned and good length on the G4's it will usually score well into the 140's. My 10 point this year had great G4's, good mass, decent spread at 17 3/4" and really good mains at almost 26" each. What he did lack was G1's although he did have about 2" on each side, if he would have had more he would have scored enough into 150" to keep him there with deductions. But again, you are correct that the G4's are a good way to make a quick judgment when it comes down to it unless another feature is more prominent such as the case with some of the 140"+ 8 points I have seen and harvested.

All in all, it takes alot of field time and study of pics to get a good feel on field scoring a buck. Lord knows, I have had my share of good ole ground shrinkage. Where I finally made a break through is realizing, through my own misjudgment, to subtract about 15" from what my estimation was at the time. Another words, if I thought a buck would score 140" at first, I would bank on a solid 125" buck. I'm sure I have underestimated some bucks but at this point in my hunting life I would rather do that than it to be the other side of the coin.

I have also been studying for a long time to be more proficient in field judging the age of a buck. Some older bucks may not carry the best set of antlers in the woods. A 4 1/2+ yr. old buck is a trophy in itself regardless of his antler score. You get one up on a buck of that age and you have just scored on one of the wisest animals in the world, in my book.

GREAT buck by the way Marc!

Thanks! Your bucks look awesome also! Nice job.
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RE: Scoring Deer?

Postby SHKYBoonie » Tue Feb 02, 2010 5:28 pm

Thanks Marc, I'm pretty proud of them. Killed them on my own land and I work hard to provide and manage for wildlife. Sometimes you think your efforts are in vain and then it all changes within the blink of an eye.

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RE: Scoring Deer?

Postby jsjandro » Wed Feb 10, 2010 8:08 pm

hope im not too late to help here, but take this from a guy that has NEVER suffered ground shrinkage. thats right. because i've always under scored by donig it this way.

look at the inside spread, then x it by 3. now where im from it has worked throughout mn and wi and the dakotas. it'll probably help elsewhere. the reason i use this is because USUALLY the beams are longer than the inside spread is wide. now on straight out style racks without curve this may not be true, but here anyhoo the shape is very basketlike (upper midwest) most the time.

by taking it thrice, you usually give some room for error. then i quick score the first side's g's i get a good look at - usually not hard to accomplish if you got a spot where they're not blazing thru on ya. double it if he's symetrical, obvious ones where length aint on both sides score will be hurtin so again this works best for that b&c trophy look. i usually try to mass the rack lastly based on the 4 in circumfrence of the eyeball trick - but dont bank on having that kinda time!

this will get ya in the park and like i said on deer with good curves in the beams will give ya some leeway.

take my 152 in 10 pointer from this season. i saw him and first thought 130ish deer when i took him. why? 19 in inside spread x 3 = just under 60. i added in order g-1 to g-4 : 2 + 10 + 9 + 5 = 26 x2 = 50 so im at 110ish. then i figured 20 for mass. to end up at 130 right.

i like to under guess mass cuz its the hardest imo. and thats where this deer went from a 140 to a 150 deer. his beam length of 25 a piece outshadowed my 19" guess like planned.

call me inaccurate on the fly but walking up to 150 expecting 130 is better than the "other side of the coin."

i like to have the antlers be a surprise really. im more into the age bit. there was no doubt from the second i laid eyes on him he was 5 years old, and a sagging gut check later led me to the antlers.

then i did that little score deally in my head before he took 5 yards in steps. its really fast once you get used to it.

once you find what works for you, stick with it and in time you'll be there.
only if we had antler point restrictions...:(

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