Talk about the best guns and ammunition for deer hunting!
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Postby mightyfofaad » Mon Feb 15, 2010 5:46 pm

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Savage model 10, .308 with Zeiss 6.5-20x50 on top of her. As far as my name, lol, I drive a Dodge (d) 4x4 (44) 3500 (series) d443500. Wasnt trying to step on toes here just trying to help. I used to have Leupold 3x9 on top of my rifle but wanted to "reach out" a little,lol

You're not stepping on anyone's toes. We all like to hear about other hunter's experiences & knowledge base. The more people you exchange info with the more you learn.

Frinstance ... I've been hunting since ... well, a long time. But I've learned about all kinds of equipment since joining the forum ... things I never heard of before ... like the infamous Butt Out Tool. [:D]

Also, some of the stories behind how people picked out their Handles can be quite entertaining. Look forward to seeing you here often.

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Postby Faedrus » Mon Feb 22, 2010 12:56 pm

Well John, it sounds like your in a nice position; having the $ for an X-Bolt or a Kimber.
Its a little like choosing between a Lexus and Mercedes.
Have you considered a Tikka? I bought a Tikka T3 Stainless in Win 270 and its a great deer thumper. Its accurate and light. I topped it with a Bushnell Elite 3200 3-9x 40mm.
Leave room in your budget for nice optics as that counts for a lot.
Savage and Browning are great brands. I looked over the Savage but found it too heavy

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Postby CB on the run » Tue Feb 23, 2010 2:14 am

I've heard the some of the Kimber 84's have had an accuracy problem but I have never owed one. I like some of the new features on the Xbolt and have always liked Brownings. That being said, I have a friend with a Browning Micro hunter in the 25WSSM that has given both of us fits. Two shots almost touching and the third 4"-8" away. His wife has the same gun in 7mm-08 that shoots 1" groups all day long. The 25WSSM was replaced by a Tikka 7mm-08 that shoots 3/4" groups with most ammo.
I wouldn't overlook the 7mm-08 if you gun will be for nothing larger than deer. The difference between a 30-06 and 308 is minor in bullets weights(150-165) common for whitetails. The difference comes in the action size and weight, the 308 being a short action and conversely the '06 a long action. I like light weight deer rifles as 99% of my shots are under 200 yards. Good luck with your purchase.

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Postby hookset6969 » Tue Feb 23, 2010 4:06 am

I like the RUGER .308, For the price I think it is hard to beat, I have one and as far as shooting flat I would say that the gun shoots its flatest between 200-300 yds, If sighted in at 200 it will shoot about an inch high at 100 and dam near right on at 300. I bought mine with the heavy barrell and put my money in the optics with a LEUPOLD MARK 4 scope 10 power just like the snipers use. I think a rookie could shoot a deer with this thing at 500yds [:D] When all else fails just get the BARRETT 50 cal and you will only have to come close to what your trying to hit [;)]

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Postby SHKYBoonie » Tue Feb 23, 2010 4:11 am

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I am looking into getting a bolt action .308. I have decided on two choices, a Kimber 84M or the browning xbolt. Does anyone have either one. Opinions would be greatly appeciated. Thankyou JOHN

As far as brands are concerned, I don't think you could go wrong with either one. I have used a Browning A-Bolt 7MM Mag for more than 15 years now. I have never had a problem with it. It shoots as good now as it ever did brand new. I can get better than 1" groups at 100 yds. and can regularly make shots out to 500 yrds. with no problem. My advise is to pick one (caliber & make) that you know you will be happy with for the long haul. Get very comfortable shooting it. Once your confidence level comes up with that gun and you know how it shoots from 10 to whatever yardage you feel comfortable with, it will make a difference when you are hunting. I don't use any auto-loaders because the accuracy diminishes greatly after about 200 yards, because alot of energy has been spent on putting another shell in the chamber. Plus, there are more things that can go wrong with the action of those guns. I hunt some open land so I regularly have shots out passed the 200 yard range. If this is not the case with you, the .308 is as good a caliber as any. Not saying the .308 isn't capable of longer range, you just have to know how the ballistics are out to these ranges. That is true with any caliber. 
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Postby rem700 » Tue Feb 23, 2010 4:34 am

i like the rem700 very accurate out of the box .308 very good caliber.

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Postby passin through » Tue Feb 23, 2010 5:23 pm

Of the two I'd go with the 84M....I've had both in the same caliber and the Browning while a good gun is not the gun that Kimber puts out.  As a wild card have you looked at the TC ICON?  Thats my next buy & it will be 308 as well
It matters not the weapon nor its caliber, rather the caliber of the one who wields it.

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Postby vambo991 » Wed Feb 24, 2010 1:18 pm

Never heard of any Kimber having an "accuracy problem"? I have a Kimber 8400 and an A-Bolt (270 WSM, 300 Win) both are wonderful! Either way...you'll be fine

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Postby jyeomans » Fri Mar 19, 2010 5:04 am

I want to thank every one for there input for answering my questions of rifle choice. A friend of mine recommended the new winchester 70 in .308 or .270. Does anyone have any opinion of these rifles. THANKYOU JOHN YEOMANS

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Postby Faedrus » Mon Mar 22, 2010 4:34 pm

When I was rifle shopping last summer the Winchester 70 was a consideration. I chose the Tikka T3 instead because the action is smoother and the safety is in a better position for me. The Win 70 has a "tang" safety which sticks out like an arm. The Ruger M77 (which is a good bargain) has the same tang safety.
As for caliber, the Winchester 270 is a really flat shooting caliber. Outdoor Canada magazine surveyed Canadian Guides for opinions about appropriate calibers and found the Win 270 came out #1 for Whitetail Deer (otherwise the 30-06 and Win 300 Mag were often favored).
Have fun and make sure you put a lot of rifle brands to your shoulder and play with the action. Everyone who works in a gun shop loves to talk about preferences. It's all about preferences really. Most anything on the self, brand and caliber (within limits) will do the job.
rifle shopping is a lot of fun!


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