Hi from a new Aussie member

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Hi from a new Aussie member

Postby bushcam » Wed Mar 10, 2010 3:32 pm

G'day all,
This is my first post on this forum, so I'd like to introduce myself to you. My name is Bruce and I live in south-east New South Wales, Australia. I'm a very keen deer hunter and work as a firefighter.
We don't have Whitetails over here but we do have lots of Fallow deer plus some good numbers of Sambar, Rusa, Chital and Red deer. There is also small numbers of Hog deer and a few Wapati/Red hybrids.
I mainly hunt Fallow, Reds and Sambar in my area.
I've been managing a herd of fallow on a remote 250 acre property for the last 18 months. There's about 140 deer living on and around the block. It's surrounded by National Park and State Forest. Hunting is not permitted in the National Park but it is allowed (under strict licensing conditions) in the State Forest. Poaching has been a common and on-going problem.
The sex ratio of the herd is about 4:1 does to bucks and I've been working at trying to fix this. The landowner wants the herd reduced to about 50 animals and is getting pressure from National Parks rangers to do more to reduce the numbers.
I shot 28 does last year and so far this season (started 11 days ago) I've shot 6. I plan on shooting another 25-30 does this year, and then doing another census to see how the ratio is looking.
My long term goal is a smaller number of healthier, bigger bodied deer, a broad range of ages and around 1 doe to 1 buck sex ratio. Antler size should improve as a by-product of a healthier herd.
I look forward to discussing deer management issue with the members here.

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RE: Hi from a new Aussie member

Postby paulie » Wed Mar 10, 2010 4:44 pm

Welcome to the boards Bruce!

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RE: Hi from a new Aussie member

Postby SHKYBoonie » Wed Mar 10, 2010 7:19 pm

Welcome Mate! I look forward to hearing some about the hunting down there. I have a couple of good friends from down under. One from Australia and one from New Zealand. They get along, but you can tell there is quite a bit of competition between the two.[:D] They have been in the States for a good many years but I love to listen to their hunting stories from back home. They are really very accomplished hunters and are some of the friendliest guys I have ever had the privilege to hunt with.
Sounds like you have a bit of a "Honey Hole" situation where you hunt. Keep us informed of your progress.
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RE: Hi from a new Aussie member

Postby bushcam » Wed Mar 10, 2010 10:43 pm

Thanks for the welcome.[:)]
Us Aussies are ok, it's those Kiwis you've got to watch! They've all got an unnatural attraction to sheep!
I'm very lucky to have my special herd to look after and all only 45 mins from home.
I'll post up a couple of pics when I get a chance.

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RE: Hi from a new Aussie member

Postby dewey » Thu Mar 11, 2010 2:52 am

Welcome to the forum Bruce,  Can you post some pictures of the deer you have down there as most of us are not familiar with your different species of deer.
Here is a link to resize pictures easily.
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RE: Hi from a new Aussie member

Postby NC Deer Hunter » Thu Mar 11, 2010 3:20 am

That's not a Knife!  This is a Knife! (Crocodile Dundee)
Just had to type that. Firt thing that came to my mind. Love that movie.
A big hello to ya Mate!

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RE: Hi from a new Aussie member

Postby SwampLife » Thu Mar 11, 2010 12:50 pm


Keep us updated on how the management turns out.

And don't forget to post pictures and kill stories.
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RE: Hi from a new Aussie member

Postby NortWoods » Thu Mar 11, 2010 6:44 pm

bushcam, I have an uncle who is from New Zealand.  He and my aunt go back to visit every year.  He also has a brother, who is an avid hunter, that owns a ranch in Australia.  He has asked me if I ever want to come and visit.  My question is;  how much would an out of state (out of country) license cost?

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RE: Hi from a new Aussie member

Postby Ohio farms » Fri Mar 12, 2010 1:24 am

Welcome to the site. You certainly should have a unique perspective on our hunting oportunities.
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RE: Hi from a new Aussie member

Postby Goose » Fri Mar 12, 2010 10:25 am

Welcome to the threads mate!

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