state land

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state land

Postby DeerCamp » Sat May 24, 2008 9:17 am

hey i hunt state land down in lower michigan, lots of deer and ive been passing up several bucks and still no big ones to speek of. im sure they all get shot at during gun season. its sad to say that but then again im sure at least one of them will at least make it by the next few years and i hope i get a shot at him then.. anyhow my question  is this, every year we go up to the UP and we hunt state land there. Its very big woods and we see a fair amount of deer. we hardly ever hear gun shots and we have taken some nice bucks out of there in the past 2 years. 10pt with 2 droptines, 9pt, and 3 very big 8pts. Do you think it would be a lot easer to do QDM there? I know its state land but do you think we'd have a better success rate with the qdm?
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RE: state land

Postby scotman » Sat May 24, 2008 3:37 pm

QDM is a combination of whietail population balance, habitat improvement and browse improvement and herd monitoring. You would need to talk with your local game warden and or local biologists and tell them what you are thinking about doing. They can tell you all the legalities of what you can and can't do on public lands.

Would it work on public lands? Im not sure just because you don't have any hunting pressure now doesnt mean you will not have any hunting pressure in 5 years from now specially it being public land. That is when you efforts would start paying off as well. QDM is not a short term ticket to big bucks, but you see your efforts paying off in 3-10 years.

That would not stop me though. Any enhancement you make to the land and herd for the good of the deer is a satisfaction in itself. Whether it just be a small hotspot of clover or selective herd management. Just check the laws of what you can and can't do on public lands.
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