My slice of heaven :)

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RE: My slice of heaven :)

Postby vermont backstrap » Wed Feb 17, 2010 2:59 pm

Good evening fellow Vermonters! Just happen to be crusin through and read this mail. Wanted DeanoZ to also take a look at a website from a sawmill down near Rutland. I built a horse barn a couple years ago and got all my lumber from Dick Walker. He also has awesome precut hunting cabins and can cut you out whatever you want for a design. His lumber prices were cheaper than anywhere I looked and he was great to work with. Of course I am a DIY type as well, so that was not any issue. I will say that i had very little building experience and his system goes together so easy that it was great and I had NO problems! I would highly recommend you at least look at the website and perhaps call him or visit him. Let me know if any ?'s I think he may be closed in the is the link:

good luck!

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RE: My slice of heaven :)

Postby DeanoZ » Wed Mar 03, 2010 10:09 am

Hey Vermont Backstrap, thanks for the info, I checked out his website and looks like he might be able to help me out.  I'm somewhat in the same boat as you..actually i have practically no building experience, but I'm somewhat handy.  i'm certain if he had pre-cut hunting cabins I could probably work with that.  I'll definitely check him out.

vermont backstrap
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RE: My slice of heaven :)

Postby vermont backstrap » Sat Mar 20, 2010 4:56 pm

DeanoZ, glad i suggested it......if by chance you do go with walker, and you visit his mill, I am about 2o minutes from the sawmill, if you wanted to stop by to see my barn and get a visual as to how it goes together I would be happy to spend some time with you to explain the engineering to the structure and how it goes together.....Dick will give you some advice, but not alot, I had him come to my house when I had some questions, not sure you would be provided that opportunity being so far can direct email for more convienent contact if need

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RE: My slice of heaven :)

Postby eemer » Thu May 27, 2010 8:23 am

Another option, Deano is that since you are planning on doing some clearing, is to have someone with a portable mill, mill you what ever lumber you might need to have the cabin built. There's a lot of hungry contractors around that may give you a good deal as well.

Also, you could get in touch with a forester and maybe fund your project by having your place logged for the cash. Not sure what kind of timber trees you would have on your 4 acres, but hey - it's worth looking into, especiall if you wil be clearing out spots anyway.

Up near Burke Mt. Beautiful area and you may actually be able to use your cell phone there!


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