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Postby extroverted » Wed Mar 31, 2010 8:50 pm

Before you go buy these solar panels, make sure that they tell you the wattage and it should be at least 5 watts, then make sure they have a BLOCKING MODULE, if they don't look on ebay for MKUTHK1 solar panels, I also seen this guys products on bowsite under hunting gear, by going through bowsite can get the solar panels for $40.00 and he ships them for free, I have bought 5 of them for my cams!!!
He also states that they come with a 20ty year warranty which in my book is a great deal.
The actual size of the units are huge like 5/8" x 8.5" x 14"
And they come with the blocking module and 9' of power cord that already plugs right in your camera or the stealth external battery he states its plug and play and walk away. Trust me I do just that.

I have attached a crude pictures of my setup with his solar panel, what I do is mount them to a pole and the strap the pole to the same tree I have the cameras mounted too. The batteries are then placed on the ground next to the tree.

Oh one more thing, I found his solar panel picture that wazzz posted on e-bay so I sent you this photo as well, take a look




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