Where's Your Line in the Sand?

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RE: Where's Your Line in the Sand?

Postby scottflesher » Wed Jun 23, 2010 11:52 am

I assume they pay for the tags. This property is somewhat isolated from main roads (only access is a dead end township road with a pump jack at the end of it) so it wouldn't be overly difficult to break the law. I'm also not sure where they stay. In our rural town, there is only a couple of bed and breakfast sites, so I'm really not sure of all the trip logistics. Perhaps I'm being overly judgemental and selfish, but when you bow hunt an area all year long with virtually no other hunters, then you have 9 guys hunting 60 acres and a potential of 27 deer being harvested, it tends to rub me wrong to a degree. We've found numerous dead deer where they have either left them lay, or not found them after they shot them. That also upsets me to a degree. I see your point dtrain, and I agree with it, it's a free country and I support others who hunt, even if they aren't as interested as I am, but I guess I respect the hunter as a person, not the person as a hunter. Showing up 1 day before gun season and coming in and saying "we have 27 tags and we intend to fill them all" is a little agressive when you've just met neighboring landowners, not to mention the fact that it could be unsafe (9 hunters on 60 acres). I've only bumped into them twice, and both times was the day before opening day of gun season, when most gun hunters are selecting their spots in the woods for the next morning. Perhaps they're great guys, but it just seemed to me that they didn't respect the woods and animals as much as I would have hoped.
I agree to about the hunting my land part. The majority of my hunting life, i've gained permission of private landowners who didn't mind if I hunted. As hunting became more popular, more and more landowners denied permission to hunt land I had permission to hunt in previous years. While that hurt, I understood the reason that the landowner was denying me permission and never tried to make the landowner feel bad about it. After all it is their land and they have a right to allow what they wish. When other hunters don't display this same courtesy, it upsets me too. I'm sure these guys were accustomed to hunt the acreage my family now owns, as it wasn't posted, the previous owner didn't hunt and lived out of state, prior to my family buying the land. We knew when we posted it, some of the neighboring landowners may be upset, but they had every right to buy the property too.

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RE: Where's Your Line in the Sand?

Postby dtrain56 » Wed Jun 23, 2010 12:21 pm

well Scott....all hunters were not created equal and i agree with your and feel for you.

there are definatley hunters who care more about "throwing lead" than being ethical

and i look at gun season as a time to enjoy with other hunters..hunt camp is a blessing..

but bow season is much more enjoyable to me than rifle will ever be because i enjoy the experience and the silence of the woods ...

but i do miss hunt camp when i have gotten my buck before gun..hunting gun is just the about friendships to me not really hunting and i am sure your neighbors don't feel the same way ...and i am sure they take away from your experience and enjoyment...

unfortunatley we all have crappy neighbors from time to time....

hey there are probably more "if it's brown it is down" hunters than not and i wish we could get rid of that mentallity but it will take a lot more education and a lot more time

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RE: Where's Your Line in the Sand?

Postby Bob Olsen » Sat Feb 12, 2011 9:07 am

I will not knowingly: break the law, shoot at a walking Deer, ever use supplement again(I've learned my lesson), allow anyone back on my farm that breaks the law, or take a marginal shot.
 Scott while I sympathize with you, I must be objective and agree with dtrain56. I have similar problems's and it really stinks when people don't agree with the way I think. lol. But, on a serious note, let your game warden know what is going on and ask if you can do anything. Read the rule book, with nine "Macho-men" out on 60 acre's, I'm sure someone is breaking the law. Maybe if they loose their truck they'll think twice. Maybe you can talk to the land owner and lease the property, or set up a sanctuary on your property.
 You are welcome to move next to me anytime, I like how you think. We have "Monster's in Pike County too!!!


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