What is Fair Chase to You?

What's the hunt looking like this year in your area? Share!
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RE: What is Fair Chase to You?

Postby Legnip » Mon Aug 18, 2008 3:34 pm

I'm surprised that a 30.06 is considered expensive. It got its start after the great war (WWII) when most of the GI's were allowed to return to the states with their rifles in tote (M1 Garand). I am guessing on the statistics, but I would be willing to bet that it is the most common deer rifle on the market.
As for overkill. I don't think there is such a thing when it comes to making an effective kill. A 12 GA shotgun and slug will make a much larger hole and do more damage. I would say that the 12 GA is more common, since many areas do not allow rifles for safety concerns.
I agree that big bucks do come out and do crazy things when the rut is on. It is a magical time of year when you see them running all over the woods. During the rut/post rut they typically won't come into a bait pile when love is on their mind. My statement was that the Big Boys won't come "IN" to a bait pile during the rut, not that they won't come out during the daytime. They will come out, but they aren't looking for some apples.
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RE: What is Fair Chase to You?

Postby passin through » Mon Aug 18, 2008 5:50 pm

I've been gone awhile but coming back and catching the latest posts I'm kinda surprised too about thier considerations of the old 06'  I grew up shooting one and most everybody I know either has one or knows someone who does.  Every generation of my family back to the inception of the cartridge has carried one.  It is a fine old cartridge that is definitly in the top five (IMO) as to most deer ever taken with a specific cartridge.   I run into the same argument about too much noise and kick with pistol cartridges.  I like the 45 acp  and I have a lot of buddies in law enforcement and in service that prefer the 9mm or a 40. due to kick or capacity.   6 or 1/2 dozen I guess  pick your own poison.  The thing about either of those old guns is wherevere you are in the country you can get ammo for them and sometimes that means alot.  Also you gotta love the energy either of them have to add to a conversation.  I mean talking about the 06 is like talking about family.  


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