Binoculars with digital Camera

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Binoculars with digital Camera

Postby Quickdraw » Fri Feb 12, 2010 10:37 am

Not sure if this is exactly the place to post this, but here I go.

Does any have any experince with bino with the cameras built in? How is the picture quality ? and which one would you recomend to get the biggest bang for my buck (no pun intended).

Over the last two weeks I have been doing some post season scouting where I hunt, I came across two very nice bucks and never had the time to put the binos down and get the camera out. So I am consdering the combo.

Thanks for any and all input.

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RE: Binoculars with digital Camera

Postby lostmyarrow » Tue Aug 03, 2010 2:36 pm

Quickdraw: Check out this link: Click on products, then select binoculars. Then select digital camera binoculars. Mine are the VistaPix 8x32. They were probably the first series out as I purchased them in 2004. from This camera will also take video. They have an internal memory and to down load that you have to install the included driver, then connect the camera to the computer using the included USB cable. One can also view pictures on TV with the camera connected to the TV with the TV out cable. I am able to use a 512 MB Lexar SD card, but not 2GB Lexar, SanDisk or Verbatim as this size of card was not yet available. There is a small viewing screen on the camera. Pictures are very clear. Mine uses 4 each AAA batteries. Camera is well built, good instructions and easy to use. Magnification is 8x32, starting at 8X and increasing in increments of 4X until you reach 32X. This is a camera for distant viewing, not up close as it starts out at 8X. This is the only down fault I find with this brand. Two year warranty on this model and any model 2005 and newer has full indefinite warranty. Cabelas sell Bushnell, but reading the reviews, I would take this brand as #1.

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