Hang On Climber Stand???

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Hang On Climber Stand???

Postby DeerAddict » Wed Aug 11, 2010 3:43 pm

I'm going to be getting a new tree stand for the upcoming bow season. I want the compfyness of a climber but I dont want to have to climb up and down and up and down in the dark. I dont really like hang on stands.

Would it matter if I just put up a climber, climb up the tree with it, have a buddy at the bottom of the tree strap up some climbing sticks r something, then use the climber like a hang on stand????? I know it sounds kinda crazy. I think it could be a good idea......What do you think??? [sm=rolleyes.gif]

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RE: Hang On Climber Stand???

Postby Proline » Thu Aug 12, 2010 3:56 am

I think.....maybe not a great idea.  First off you would have to lock it on and seeing that they are pricey, with climbing sticks on the tree someone would likely cut it and swipe it.  But more importantly, if you think of the design of a climber they are designed to be used with weight on them.  If you left it hanging up in the tree without you on it and you climb the sticks and bump the stand in the dark it is going to move and make a racket.

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RE: Hang On Climber Stand???

Postby Mastertangler » Thu Aug 12, 2010 4:36 am

My dad has joint issues and can't use a climber. I have no issues and use my climber as its intended. But we own 5 climbers in total, so we do what you are suggesting on a regular basis to allow my dad more stand locations. It does make putting up climbing sticks really easy. It allows the climber to put the stand in the proper angle / position on the tree and then put the sticks on the tree for the easiest possible usage.

Proline is right though...they are meant to have weight on them, so you have to take precautions to make sure they will stay up. I routinely screw a hook into the tree on the backside where the cable goes around so the pieces can't slide down the tree. That hook also comes in handy for hanging my fanny pack and Thermacell.

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RE: Hang On Climber Stand???

Postby east lake hunter » Thu Aug 12, 2010 4:28 pm

we do this frequently on our lease for some of our older members.   we usually secure the top and bottom of the stand with rachet straps.   We have never had one come loose yet.

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RE: Hang On Climber Stand???

Postby greekman » Sun Aug 22, 2010 7:34 am

Personally I don't want to sweat for 30 mintues to use a climber stand. the noise factor, I want to hunt right away and I am tired before I start hunting after all that climbing. The most effiecent method for me, a ladder made of aluminum, easy to care 4 pieces and the largest hang on stand made of aluminum i could find. Of course secure yourself to the tree with saftey line worth its weight in gold. If you fall you can get to your ladder easy. If you fall out of a climber well lesser chance. I weigh 270, had no problem with stand. If I want to move, I break down the ladder into 2 pieces no sweat to carry. Stand comes down with one strap and lower with saftey rope that I use to climb up with. Not to mention always secure yourself to the saftey rope going up and down. Fold out ladder stands, pain in the ass to set up by yourself. Watch this guys on tv, the use hang ons with adjustable ladders to get up. That takes care of limbs and twisted trees.

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