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RE: Recovery Kit

Postby Cut N Run » Mon Oct 04, 2010 9:37 am

I guess I'm a flashlight fanatic because I have 3 with me on most hunts. They are each small, lightweight, bright enough, and easily portable. Getting turned around WAY off the beaten track on a moonless night and having to use the spark from an empty disposable lighter just to read the compass bearing, then finally getting back to the vehicle a couple of hours before I am due @ work, tends to do that sort of thing to a guy. Almost the sort of experience as what it takes to learn to carry enough toilet paper etches indelibly into one's mind (but we won't go there).

I always have a mini Mag Light (2 AA batteries w/spares & spare bulb) and a Streamlight green LED light (3 AAAA batteries w/spares) plus an LED headlamp (2 AA batteries + spares that go with the Mag Light & radio) in my hunting pack. I could go for days and still have enough light to get me out of a fix. I also have a bright light that works off the same batteries as the cordless drill I keep in my truck for work (if need be).

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