Need some advice (Long)

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RE: Need some advice (Long)

Postby marshall9779 » Tue Oct 28, 2008 7:30 am

Make sure that your breech is cleaned good and no carbon build up in the fire channel. I use a drill bit and clean out the large portion of the channel and a fine needle to clear out the smaller hole in the end.

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RE: Need some advice (Long)

Postby Benny8 » Tue Oct 28, 2008 11:43 am

I also bought a CVA Wolf Magnum 5o cal. from Wal-Mart 3 years ago.  I paid $119.  I love this little gun.  I have had no troubles(Knock on wood) with it over this period.  I did find that when shooting the triple seven pellets and regular 209 shot gun primers, it would be hard to seat the powerebelt all the way after a few shots.  read an article in a hunting magazine that said they burn to hot(regular 209 primers).  Causes a "ring" build up, that will affect loading and accuracy. I switched to the Remington Kleen Bore 209 primers and have been very satisfied.  As far as hang/miss fires go, when I finish shooting I go home and remove the breech plug, stick the muzzle end into a bucket of hot water and run my jag with a patch down and "pump" the water up into the barrel.  After a few strokes I remove from the water, then run dry patches down through until they come out sort of clean.  I then grease the breech plug and put that back in. Then I take one of the Remington 209 primers and snap it off to remove any remaining moisture.  It is now ready for when I get ready to shoot again.  When it comes time to sight in for the season I will load it, shoot, make any adjustments to the scope, Then take a damp patch and run it down the barrel to clean any fowling, then 2-3 dry patches to remove dampness, then snap off a Kleen Bore primer, then you are rready to shoot again.  I do this so I am shooting with a clean gun at all times.  My first shot at a deer is with a clean gun bore, so I want all my practice shots to be with the same clean bore.  Hopefully this help you out. This is my routine, not the word of god.

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RE: Need some advice (Long)

Postby Gafrage » Tue Oct 28, 2008 1:11 pm

I used a muzzle loader for the first time last year.  Trying to fill a tag I was patient on during the regular firearms season.  It was my first experience with a muzzle loader, and believe me, it wasn't pleasant.  I knew how they worked, I knew how to load them, I know a lot about them, but I had never shot one.  7:30 am, a group of does come wandering in.  They stop at 30 yards.  I picked out one that looked like it would taste pretty good with some mashed potatoes.  Took aim, fired and...smelled some of the powder burning, but not enough.  Obviously, I couldn't do anything about the situation at that point and time, except kept my gun pointed at that doe, because I was hungry.  Eventually, 5 minutes or so I figured that was enough.  I needed to figure the situation out.  The first triple7 had a ring burned in it, but the whole thing didn't burn.  The one closest to the bullet did not burn at all.  Before the weekend was over, I ended up firing at 3 other deer, without a problem.  I'm convinced that it had to have been the primers.  If I were you, that's one of the first I would take a serious look at, that's what I did, and haven't had a problem yet.  Same set up as you.  Gun, primers and powder.

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RE: Need some advice (Long)

Postby UncleNorby » Sat Jan 31, 2009 7:05 am

I didn't read through all of the replies, so I may repeat some advice.
There are only a couple things that will cause misfires. If your primers are firing properly, it can be a dirty breechplug, bad powder (either bad from the package, ruined by humidity, or ruined by contamination in the bore), or sabots/bullets that don't fit tight enough.
First, make sure the breechplug is clean/dry and you have an open fire channel. Then make sure the bore is clean/dry. Do this with regular cleaning. If you swabbed with oil for storing the gun, be sure to remove the oil prior to loading. Swab with rubbing alcohol and dry patches prior to loading. You can't have oil in the gun. Next is powder, and T7 is known to go bad over time from hunidity. Could be why you had no trouble at the range, but then had trouble later while hunting. Get rid of the T7 and shoot either Pyrodex (preferably loose) or BH 209 (expensive, but it is not affected by humidity or cold). Load consistently.
If you do all of this, you will have further trouble getting the gun to fire. What you actually hit with it is all up to you.

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RE: Need some advice (Long)

Postby MuzzleHeadWayne » Fri Jul 02, 2010 6:03 pm

Sounds to me like it's a powder or fire chamber issue. If you are firing three caps before loading and they all go off then you have contact with the firing pin and enough tension is present. The 777 pellets will go bad over time unless handled with caution. Don't touch them if possible, use the pipe cleaner provided, your fingers have oils that can render the pellets useless. Keep the lid of the box closed until needed. Don't store them in high humidity areas. It is recommended that you buy new pellets for a new season. And don't crush the pellets when loading your bullet, this can cause misfires. Your fire channel of your breech plug must be clean and free of obstructions. Hold your breech plug up to the light when you are finished cleaning it, you should be able to see light through it. I keep my speed loaders filled all season long and refill as needed, I keep them in my day-pack. You should be able to keep your smoke pole loaded all season as well, I hope you don't have to. I prefer to use loose powder and have never (knock on wood), even when I used pellets, had a misfire with any of my three T/C Omega's. I swear by CCI 209 primers. Try some new pellets or powder and I hope that solves your problem.
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RE: Need some advice (Long)

Postby krawiech » Mon Oct 25, 2010 4:58 pm

ive been shooting the same gun only an earlier model for about 5 years now im shooting loose powder 90 grains 295 powerbelt bullet winchester shotgun 2089 prtiomers and have had no misfires pellets are harder to ignite in all of my blackpowder guns both cva and t/c i use loose powder hank k


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