Fall secrets revealed at my lease

Tracks, Rubs, Scrapes, Trails, Etc.
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Fall secrets revealed at my lease

Postby Cut N Run » Mon Mar 07, 2011 4:50 pm

I've been working at my lease for the past several weekends clearing some trees and brush from new fire lanes that were bulldozed in January. It has allowed me to crash through areas I leave alone during hunting season, so as not to disturb the herd. I found a couple of scrapes from last Fall and a bunch of rubs in an area that is difficult to access. That new information should help me set a game plan for next Fall's hunting season.

The new fire lane has opened easier access to get to a couple of places. The freshly turned soil along the fire lane helps identify favored winter trails too. I've already cleared out some shooting lanes and smaller trees from around a perfect tree to hunt from that had been inaccessable before. I won't be able to shoot far, but whatever deer uses those trails will be in easy range. The deer have had zero hunting pressure in that area in 20+ years.

Now is a great time to get work done before it gets too buggy, snaky, & too hot. I just have a few more days of work to do this spring, then a day in mid-summer to trim any new growth before a heavy rainstorm, and several new stand locations will be open for me.

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RE: Fall secrets revealed at my lease

Postby Jslotter » Mon Mar 07, 2011 6:40 pm

The properties I hunt have alot of fire lanes and logging roads. They are nice to have for stealthier entry and exit from the stand. I noticed last season mowing the trails near mature oak trees draws in the deer and other critters real good. The trails got mowed down real good and the acorns just piled up all around the trees, making it easier for deer to get at them.
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