Powder & Sabot Vials for sale!!

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Powder & Sabot Vials for sale!!

Postby zakjak221 » Sun Jan 30, 2011 7:05 am

Got some 7ml powder & sabot vials for sale here guys.
They are clear/filtered with screw on white caps, 2.2" high by 0.6" wide & made of tough polypropylene thats crushproof/waterproof.
These will hold up to 150 gr's powder or two bullets/sabots.
Will fit into 20 or 12 Ga shotshell cases such as MTM for easy transport/indentification of load for field or range.
A lot more economical than store bought speedloaders--Priced right at 35 cents per vial--SHIPPED!!
Pm or email me at: zakjak711@sbcglobal.net
Thanks, Mark

Can't post pics, but will email.

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