Hunt Montana 2011

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Hunt Montana 2011

Postby Montana Man » Sat Jan 15, 2011 9:23 pm

We have received our 2011 hunting sponsorship papers. We can only sponsor for mule deer hunting. The paperwork needs to be filled out and sent in by the first of March, which means if you are interested the sooner we know the faster we can send it to you, and you can fill it out and send it to the state of Montana. If you wish for us to sponsor you call 406-972-4568 and we can answer any question you have and get the paperwork started and sent to you for the best results. If anyone wishes to try on their own to get tags, and wish to try a new place to hunt we can also accommodate you. For the best days to hunt call us as soon as possible and we can get you scheduled for a week of hunting. On my home page here I have a few pictures of what was taken off of us last year. This is hunting though so hunters that go looking for them usually find bigger bucks than those that stay were they can drive.
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