Batchler groups

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Batchler groups

Postby piebal » Sun Dec 12, 2010 10:20 am

Batchler groups: It is time... think huntin bucks is hard now its even tougher with the bucks being buddies again the stay close together eat and sleep,dont forget how lazy they are now they dont wanna do nothin but eat and sleep and bread the doe fawns and leftovers that didnt get stuffed.dont get me wrong they still move but very conservitily and because they are together they instead of being scatterd through the woods they stay together in an area usally behind someones shed...and im not kidding we need snow!....first snow i am on the hoof with my smoke pole that usally breaks them apart they are like schooling fish under attack by other fish they are vunerable when you break them up and a little safer when they are together

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