Don't do what I did

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Don't do what I did

Postby shaman » Sun Oct 31, 2010 1:00 pm

I've been having problems getting to all my deer rifles this year.  Part of it was that the hot summer we had; I stayed home in the air conditioning.  Part of it was Angus' expanded bagpipe schedule. Part of it was that we have had high winds a couple of weekends in a row.  It is hard to get a good shot off when the wind is noticeably blowing you around, let alone the bullet.

It's two weekends until the start of Rifle Season.  I had two more rifles to sight in.  Yesterday?  High wind.  My neighbor tried shooting last night after the wind died down until well after dark.  I hope he had a spotlight on his target. I got out around 10 this morning.  My Winchester Model 70 was giving me fits-- long story. I think I was just being impatient and not letting the barrel cool off.  Anyhow, I got it down to a 1 inch group close to the bullseye and patted myself on the back.  I'd shot more than I'd wanted to, but there was enough left over for deer season.

I have for probably 20 years kept a dime inside the cap of my scopes' windage adjustments.  It was a trick I read about in a magazine years ago.  The dime gives you a handy tool for adjusting your sights.  All my deer rifles have this accessory.

Don't do it. I was taking the Mod 70 back to the case and  tightening down the caps on the scope as I went .  All of a sudden I felt a strange  clicking noise.  I tried to tighten the cap a bit more, and it happened again.

I didn't have my bore sighter handy, so I really couldn't tell. Usually I bring it with me. However, I backed the scope's windage screw up a bit and tried it again.  Sure enough, I moved the windage at least 8 clicks.    DRAT! 

All told I was about 3 inches to the left at  25 yards.  Long story short, half a dozen rounds later, I was printing back within an inch of the bull and got the rifle back in the case without further incident.  Before the cases were shut, I added twenty cents to my pocket.

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