lets get sam into the sport

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RE: lets get sam into the sport

Postby epd68 » Sat Oct 30, 2010 11:06 am

dont give up check your local library for books on deer hunting if not amazon.com has texts by greg miller ,john eberhard,larry benoit        eberhard is key as he hunts pressured areas ......anyone can kill a nice buck on private land in WAITE HILL OHIO or HUNTING VALLEY OHIO these areas have restricted access    a true test of skill is killing a buck on public land and i have seen it done in hambden orchard and quite often in the grand river wildlife area   the area i hunt in geauga county has about 40-50 archers in 1 square mile forget scents,rattling,tarsal glands what value are they if 30-40 hunters are all doing it and during gun season the area i hunt has 60-70 hunters spraying deer scent everywhere.the best thing for you may be to purchase a gps and get a map of the GRAND RIVER WILDLIFE AREA SPEND YOUR WEEKENDS FROM FEBRUARY 2011 TO APRIL 2011 SCOUTING look for rublines and prefer to walk about an hour into the vast area going beyond what the average hunter will walk (use bright eye tacks and trail mark tape to find your way to your stand) odnr allows stands on public land just be sure to remove them at the end of the season .....i taught myself to hunt i take deer almost every year because i will go where other hunters wont because its too far to walk,i ask everyone i know if they have any friends or relatives with land that i can bowhunt for every 100 landowners that turn me down 4 say yes ....I DONT GIVE UP and i dont mind hard work


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