Throw and grow ?'s

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Throw and grow ?'s

Postby nateberly » Thu Nov 04, 2010 3:01 pm

Does anyone have any experience with the no till mixes of seeds? We don't have access to machinery (and time) to fully till everything.
I will probably not get up to the land until May, is that too late to spread the seed, or should I throw it out next week after deer hunting? The bags don't really give you much instruction.
I finally opened up one of our old ~1/10 acre plot that has been overgrown for almost 10 years, and mowed our ~1/4 acre "plot" area as well this fall.
Thanks for any help!

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RE: Throw and grow ?'s

Postby nateberly » Thu Nov 04, 2010 10:06 pm

One is about a quarter of an acre, and the other is about a tenth of an acre. Our shooting range is almost an acre and eventually I would like to turn that into a plot as well. we just invested in a pull behind mower for the 4 wheeler, but it was too late for mowing this year. I used my craftsman 15hp rider and a small 20" push mower, for the small plots.
Ok, I will look at the other stuff, and give that a try. My next question was, is it ok to throw it out there next week,. or should I try and do it next spring/ early summer.

If I only got grass I would be happy :-) Those weeds we have now are terrible. I mowed it 3 weeks ago and I see the deer love to get at the grass that is trying to make it through the weeds.

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RE: Throw and grow ?'s

Postby bowman12 » Fri Nov 05, 2010 11:51 am

I wouldn't waste your seed this year. If you didn't kill the weeds before the frost got to them they'll prevent any of your seed from doing well.

If you don't have any equipment....

It sounds like you mowed your plots already, so next spring when things are greened up I'd spray round up on it, make sure it's killed real good so wait about 10 days after you spray, if there's alot of dead stuff on the field I'd try and get some of it off, I'd broadcast your seed then. If you can rig up any kind of packer I'd try and get the seed packed into the dirt. You can also use a fourwheeler to pack the seed, we've used a threewheeler too, covers more ground quicker.

I'd also stick to the small seeds if you can't till the ground. I'd stick with clover, brassica(turnip), canola is small, etc

We planted a small field of clover this year. We sprayed the weeds, waited to see we had a good kill, and broadcasted the clover seed. We got lucky and had rain a few days later that got the seed to the dirt and got it germinated. It's a solid field of clover, worked good.

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RE: Throw and grow ?'s

Postby shaman » Mon Nov 08, 2010 6:25 am

We get this question on here about every 6 months.  Before you try a serious no-till investment, try this:

A pound of straight ladino clover seed will do an acre.  Go out in late Winter and sprinkle the seed.  If you can do it on top of the snow, all the better.  Ladino will start growing quicker than most anything else, and it will have a headstart on whatever else is there.  If it works, and you like the result, you may have a situation that is well suited for no-till.  If not?  All you've done is waste some cheap Ladino seed. 
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RE: Throw and grow ?'s

Postby nateberly » Mon Nov 15, 2010 1:07 pm

Thanks for the tips guys. I found a couple small bags of stuff on sale, and decided to give it a try. A pound of brassica and four pounds of alfalfa/clover/chicory mix. I really overseeded and only did parts of the plots to really see if they pull through and outgrow the weeds. I did mow the weeds down in early October, so that should help. I was able to seed it during snow, so the birds wont get to it as easily. I am not out a whole lot if it doesn't work.
I will keep the ladino in mind, maybe I will pick some up if I make a winter trip up there and plant some where I haven't yet.
Thanks again!

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