Trouble seeing blood

Describe the most puzzling blood trail you've ever been on.
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Trouble seeing blood

Postby motorbreaker » Fri Oct 22, 2010 6:43 am

I have color deficiency, I have a very hard time tracking deer
because of this. My buds can even point out the blood on the
ground and I cant see it unless there is a lot of it.
I have tried those colored flashlights but they don't help.
For years, Believe it or not, When hunting alone, I would
shoot deer in the neck with my bow. Fortunately it always
worked out. I haven't tried that in a long time.
I now primarily hunt when there is someone around to help
out with the tracking.
Last year I switched from muzzy to rage. I killed a 8pt last
year with the rage and had enough blood that I could actually
see it even though I was on my hands and knees to do so.
My buds bought me a gametracker but It hindered my shots.
This is a huge disadvantage for me and it keeps me from taking
shots that I would take if I had a hunting partner with me.
I'm 1 for 1 with the rage, But im sceptical with mechanical broadheads.
Anyone else have this problem?   Jake

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RE: Trouble seeing blood

Postby forkhorn » Sat Oct 23, 2010 1:32 pm

I don't know if this tip will help you but i think it is worth a try. put peroxide in a small spray bottle and spray spot's that might be blood and hopefully it will bubble and foam. it foam's up on cut's on my hand's. I feel for you but reading your post i can tell you are a responsible hunter keep up the good work. good luck, forkhorn

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RE: Trouble seeing blood

Postby EatDeer » Thu Nov 18, 2010 1:20 pm

About all you can do is buy a blood hound or other tracking dog. The peroxide works but it's still tough tracking....

Maybe a black light would change the color of the blood enough for you to see it better?

My dad is also color blind, its hard for someone who isnt to understand that their just isnt any color there.

Luckily for my Dad I'm not color blind and track deer like Mcgruff the crime dog.
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