Advice on Hunting LowCountry Bucks

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Aaron Major
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Advice on Hunting LowCountry Bucks

Postby Aaron Major » Wed Nov 17, 2010 10:03 pm

I live in Charleston SC and hunt mainly low country public lands. All of the land is pine plantations with swamp bottom lands. I am trying to figure out how to consistently get on the deer. It is all flat land, no saddles or ridges or major funnels of this sort, just pines, oak swamp bottoms and some rivers and creek mixed in also have several areas of old rice field plantations that hold good numbers of dee. Problem is the deer can pretty much go where they please. I have had some success hunting edgelines of swamps and cattail swamps and such. not real consistent on seeing good size bucks or mostly seeing does. Any advice on how to find some sort of funnel area or some way of knowing what to look for in this flat country. All input is much appreciated, relatively new to deer hunting.

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RE: Advice on Hunting LowCountry Bucks

Postby 1Morgan » Fri Nov 19, 2010 6:25 am

Find the transition areas between the pines/hardwoods. There will be pinch points, find a spot where you cannot see through the pine briars but can easily see about 40 yards into the hardwoods. Sit down right there. Now, look beyond that 40 yards through the hardwoods. Look for the horizontal plain of a deers back moving, or the flit of a tail, or lift of a head. This might be very low to the ground, the land isn;t as flat as it seems. The deer tend to travel ditches here. Make sure your rifle is sighted in properly. As the deer move through the bottoms here, they will present you with small windows of opportunity to take a shot. Use a rifle not a shotgun as you could actually have a 200 yards shot down in that "thick stuff." Learn the distances, all the trees in these swamps make it very difficult to tell accurate yardage. Know your woods. Our "big" deer live down in these hardwood swamp bottoms.
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RE: Advice on Hunting LowCountry Bucks

Postby DannyBouy » Fri Nov 19, 2010 8:16 am

Go in the woods where the big bucks are! The second poster is right, hunt that area where the trees change secies. Sounds like he's got lots of swamp experience. Hunted meadows and swamps u here too. Spruce instead of pine and a lot of maple.

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RE: Advice on Hunting LowCountry Bucks

Postby Swampbuckdown » Fri Dec 03, 2010 10:53 pm

cedars rock too

Look at aerials and try to find where a swamp area goes from wide to narrow..with any kind of thick buck thorns or cover growth where it narrows. Find a good tree with a view, and youll find your swamp buck.

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