would far prefer a call-in tagging system

Does your state have a deer regulation that defies common sense?
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RE: would far prefer a call-in tagging system

Postby Wanderer » Mon Nov 22, 2010 11:09 am

We have check in stations here in Indiana. I've only lived here three years and in that time, I've registered six deer at the local check-in station. They take my "transport tag" which is a piece of paper on which you've written your name,address,hunting license number, the date and county of kill, and whether it's a buck or a doe. They generally have asked me if I had a buck or a doe, and then handed me the metal tag to attach to the deer myself. I could take that tag home and put it on a different deer if I so chose. The only way I could get into trouble would be if the state checked every deer tag from the check-in versus the tag number recorded by the processor. If I did my own butchering, there would be no way for them to tell if I used a "doe tag" on a buck or vice versa. The problem stems from the fact that the check-in station operators don't get paid anything by the state for registering a deer or for selling a deer hunting license. Because of this they don't want to pay an employee to go look at a dead deer before handing out a tag. I have been at the local place when a hunter walked in to register a deer and he didn't even have the deer with him. He said it was back home hanging in the barn. He was handed a registration tag for a doe. No one knows for sure what he put it on. Most hunters in Indiana buy their hunting license online. You print out a copy of your license and a transport tag and you're good to go. Because state law gives you 48 hours to register your deer, you could theoretically wait until after you've shot one to purchase a license. What's the odds of the one warden in your county catching you bringing one back to hang while you go online to purchase a license? The only thing I've been able to learn from my local check station is the total number of tags handed out. (and then only if they were registered Monday through Saturday. Our local check-in is not open on Sundays). I believe a phone in system couldn't possibly have more holes in it than the registration system that we presently have.
Prior to moving to Indiana, I lived in Alabama for six years. Alabama deer seasons are from the Saturday prior to Thanksgiving through the last day of January. This gives a season of up to 76 days if the 1st of November falls on a Thursday. Shorter seasons still come out to 70 days and each hunter can kill 2 deer per day. THERE IS NO REGISTRATION SYSTEM AT ALL FOR DOE HARVEST. I believe that since 2007 (when I left the state) there is some type of buck registration, but it amounts to a paper tag that you fill out with the date and point count of the 3 bucks that you are allowed to kill each year. I'm not sure if buck registration is mandatory or not. I know that prior to 2007, no registration at all was required,the buck limit was one per day, and yet some 200,000 hunters managed to kill upwards of 434,000 deer without screwing it up too bad,registration or not.
My entire point here seems to be that, we, the hunters, have to be honest and above board in all we do. Both systems have many flaws that can be manipulated by those who think that they're above the law. I will be hunting Alabama again later this year, so I'd better brush up further on their laws. And I've still got up to 16 doe tags if I want them here in Indiana so I'll continue to go get handed a tag until someone changes the system here.

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RE: would far prefer a call-in tagging system

Postby blueeyeddragon76 » Mon Nov 22, 2010 11:59 am

this is a little off topic, but seeing how many deer you are allowed to kill in other states i think I need to move!!!.. even if i got deer in all three  seasons( bow, muzzleloader and rifle) i could only still kill 3 deer... because if you get a deer during muzzleloader season it counts as your firearms deer, but if you buy a special deer tag you can use it with bow to take a second antlered deer... but you must buy the special tag at the same time you buy your archery license.. so if you don't get it at first.. you can't get it at all..... 

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