Does every hunter go through this?

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RE: Does every hunter go through this?

Postby GTOHunter » Fri Nov 26, 2010 9:41 pm

I know I would feel bad if I found a Deer hit by an automobile and left to suffer,one thing to consider is to be very careful because it could very well kick You and cause some serious injuries.I'm sure if any of Us here found a Deer caught in a fence we do everything in our power to let it go un-injured,thats part of Life and caring about animals...just because we Hunt Deer doesn't mean we don't respect them or care for them,I'd much rather take a Deer with a Rifle or Bow than to see one hit by a Car or truck and suffer?
I only heard 1 Deer suffer a little after I had shot them...and yes it does make you re-think about Hunting.Its a part of Life and in the end it make You want to be a better Hunter so the animal doesn't suffer!

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RE: Does every hunter go through this?

Postby msbadger » Sat Nov 27, 2010 11:12 am

Reading this thread ...well I couldn't finish ....the  hot tears streaming down my face burning my eyes....
The doe I had to put down ...dogs were eating alive and someone had shot up her front leg...thinking she was dead..eyes glazed over ..I grabbed her hind leg to see how much damage the dogs had done...when she jumped up ..knocking me side ways and ...Screamed...screamed like a woman being attacked ...she collapsed ten yrds away screaming and it rattled me so bad ...I jammed my gun ...broke out in a cold sweat before getting a slug in her brain...mere seconds seemed like hours...I forgot the pain of child birth...but the pain of that scream burns still in my mind and always will.....
  Thank you for this thread and all that contributed to it...It clearly shows our humanity for if we were all just "Killers" and not true "Hunters" what chance would nature or humanity really have?  

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RE: Does every hunter go through this?

Postby muzzyswuirrel@gmail. » Wed Dec 01, 2010 6:20 pm

sounds to me like you guys all do the right things. were not senseless killers hunting to see things suffer. if you are youve got problems... its ok to feel sympathy for them but it has to be done. i wouldve done the same thing in all those situations. quick, humane kills are something we have to do. if we fail then we must put them down quickly. i go pheasant hunting a lot and when the dog brings them back still breathing and struggling i feel awful until i swing them around and put them out. one day, i got home and noticed something squirming around in my vest- it was a little quail still alive from when i had shot it a couple hours or so ago. i nearly threw up when i saw the poor thing holding onto life and wrung its neck instantly. it was a depressing moment but it taught me that we need to give the animals one last right- that of a quick, painless death.

i think that all of the creatures on this earth are magnificent beings and are to be treated with upmost respect and in highest regard. its the way things work that we kill them but it has to be done with a certain amount of apathy and respect. if you havent been affected by the gravity of what you do when you hunt then you are hunting for the wrong reasons. we hunt to put food on the table and as a pastime. i hope we all donate some of our bounty to charitable organizations to help feed the poor! also because of what Swamp Life said about how were merciful, mother nature is not. i sure hope that we all do this for a reason besides just the killing of the animal. in fact, my least favorite parts are retrieving the animal, putting it out of its misery, and cleaning it. i do believe that it is a humbling experience that we should all go through. dont ever let anybody tell you hunting is wrong or senseless. keep faith and keep hunting!

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RE: Does every hunter go through this?

Postby Swampbuckdown » Fri Dec 03, 2010 10:31 pm

One of those unpleasant experiences happened just this bow season. I shot a doe at about 25 yds, high in the back due to my height in the tree. She made this high pitched bleat and tried to run, but fell right over on top of the arrow, snapping it off. For an eternity it seemed, she kept raising her head and bleating and kicking her feet trying to get up, but she just couldn't. I think it lasted a couple of minutes. I do know that as each second went by, I felt worse. That first bleat though, got me more than the rest. The other deer all watching from 30-40yds away. You know, I have found deer in many positions on the recovery. I once had a doe that I hit as perfect as you can with pass through hit. She still went 100 yds on wobbly legs, and laid down like she was posing for a nativity scene. Like she was sleeping. That kind of stuff makes you always want to get the cleanest quickest kill possible. Even perfect shots sometimes don't work as quick as they should. Just be happy you feel something. Many don't.

I still feel a bit of remorse with every deer I kill. I love animals. If I am not hunting deer, I want deer to live.


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