Mission Craze

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Mission Craze

Postby NEbowhunter21 » Mon Dec 06, 2010 9:23 pm

Evening all,
I was just wondering if anyone out there have purchased the new Craze by Mission yet? My 9 yr old son is saving his pennies and dimes for a bow like his dad's (Mathews Reezen). I know Mission is a good company but haven't heard anything about the new lineup. Anything? Thanks

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RE: Mission Craze

Postby Patriot » Wed Dec 08, 2010 3:34 pm

Welcome to the forum.  I'm sure the Mission Craze (MSRP $299) is a great bow.  I literally just got off the phone with my local bow shop.  Ordered up the Mission Menace (MSRP $269) for my 9 year old son (turns 10 in a few weeks).  From the adds I'm seeing for the Craze...it looks essentially the same as the Menace.
My wife shoots the Mission Menace as well. 
You can probably save a few bucks and get the same performance with the Menace.
FYI.  In case you didn't know...Mathews makes the Mission line as well.

Mission Menace Specs
16-52 pound pull
17-30 inch draw length
No bow press needed for adjustments.
Best of luck to you!!
Paul K. "aim small, miss small"

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