After the Kill

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RE: After the Kill

Postby JPH » Tue Dec 21, 2010 10:09 am

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Do they have package options on what they do with your deer?  What options you have for keeping the hide and head?  Do you just show up and drop it off?  I really don't know.  How do you go about it when you're hunting a long ways from home?  Can they ship the meat to you?  How does that work?

Most lockers will charge a flat fee for basic butchering and packaging. They may ask a few basic questions re. how you want things cut but you can just explain that it is your first time doing this and they will go over it with you. All lockers require a deposit, some require full payment at drop-off. Any processed stuff (sausage, jerky, sticks, etc.) will be an additional charge per-pound. That stuff gets expensive so beware.

All this is done when you show up to drop the deer off. They will check your tag, copy your info and give you a receipt. Unless you are in the South, I would not try showing up with a deer that has not been gutted. Otherwise the drop-off is simple.

As far as antlers go? Most lockers will saw the rack off and set it aside for you for free. A cape for a shoulder mount will usually cost a few bucks, but they are going to do a better job than you will as a first timer. If you are having a mount done, don't be cheap.

Lockers around here will not mess with shipping your meat. You'd need someone to pick it up and UPS it for you. My guess is that outfitters and lockers in areas that get a lot of visitors will be set up for a price.

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I'm also wondering what you do with coyotes.  What would you do if you're not interested in thier fur?  Are there places you can give them to someone that wants them?

Coyote furs have a market value so unloading them should not be an issue, once you find the right people. You may want to start by contacting a taxidermist in the area and see if he or someone he knows will take the furs. If you are killing them in small numbers selling them may become too much hassle and you might be better off just finding someone who will take them off your hands. Wrap them in plastic and freeze them whole until you can hand them off.

As with anything, consult your local regs as well. Some states treat coyotes as a nuisance and have very few regulations regarding them. Other states treat them as a fur bearing animal that has seasons and registration requirements. 

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RE: After the Kill

Postby GTOHunter » Wed Dec 22, 2010 1:23 pm

If You shoot a really Buck and plan on having it mounted most Processors will charge You an addition price for "Caping" the Head and hide.In other words they will skin it out and leave as much of the hide intact with the head so You can have a Taxidermist mount it...You can wrap the hide and head up in a heavy-duty trash bag and keep it in a freezer for about up to a year if You don't want it mounted right away,other wise if You drop it off at the Taxidermist he will usually charge You a down-payment on the cost and deal with the hide and head.Be careful when "Skinning Out" your own Buck to have Mounted because if You cut it too far up You could possibly ruin the cape?

If You don't want to get the Buck mounted you can have the head cut off and have a European Mount done where the clean all the fur/meat etc off the Buck and all You have left in the white skull and the darker Antlers to hang on the wall...if its a small Buck You can just cut the Antlers off and keep them as a Souveneir or to use as Rattling Horns?

Some times after I Field Dress my Deer I take it back to Camp and we hang it up by the feet then I rinse it off with well water to clean out the cavity better and I usually skin it out there are a little while or if the tempature is good and cold I can wait a day or 2 then skin it out?If I don't have time after field Dressing my Deer I may just load it up and take it to the local Processor and pay the extra charge of them skinning it?Some places just keep the Hide and not charge for the skinning or they will charge a few dollars for skinning fee's!

Some Hunters process their own Deer,they will field dress it,skin it,de-bone the meat and even grind it up for burger,steaks and save the loins to cook later on.I take mine in after I field dress it and skin it and usually have the Loins butterflied and vaccumed wrapped,then 1/3 of the Deer cut up into steaks,1/3 of it ground up into hamburger and the last 1/3 made into Homemade Sausage/Blogna.You can have it made into whatever You want depending on how You will cook it or eat it!

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RE: After the Kill

Postby GTOHunter » Wed Dec 22, 2010 1:34 pm

Coyote Hunting:

Here in Missouri You have to either have a Small Game Tag license to be able to shoot Coyote's,or You can shoot a Coyote during Deer Season if You purchase a Deer Hunting license and/or if You purchase a Furbearers License.As JPH mentioned You need to see if the Coyotes have a certain Season when You can legally shoot them or trap them as in the Furbearers Season etc...?

I think You can shoot Coyotes for several months except around the Turkey seasons in the Spring and maybe Fall too?In the summer time the Coyote's fur is usually in bad shape and not in demand,its during the winter time when they are worth more money and will be desireable.I've seen several Guys have a nice Coyote mounted by a Taxidermist or even do just a "Head Mount" or save the hide and have it Tanned?


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