hadley creek

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hadley creek

Postby ghosthunter31193 » Wed Feb 17, 2010 5:58 am

has anyone had any experience with hadley creek outfitters? i've always heard about it but lately i've been lookin into it and have seen alot more bad reviews than good so i was just wondering if anyone has any feedback.

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RE: hadley creek

Postby hookset6969 » Wed Feb 17, 2010 5:36 pm

Never been there and don't wanna go, I hear this place has done no good for the locals in the area but this is just a personel deal. [>:]

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bad faulkner
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RE: hadley creek

Postby bad faulkner » Wed Mar 10, 2010 2:46 am

Ghosthunter, if you go to bowsite.com, you'll find lots of reviews on a wide variety of outfitters, including Hadley Creek.

Pay close attention to the reviews of guys who got a deer and didn't get a deer before deciding on an outfitter (that was told me and upon further review, it makes sense). A guy happy with a hunt even though he didn't kill one speaks volumes imo.

Good luck! I hope to do an Illinois bowhunt myself one day.

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RE: hadley creek

Postby proximityinfotech4 » Fri Jul 02, 2010 10:02 pm

hadley creek outfitters? i've always heard about it but lately i've been lookin into it and have seen alot more bad reviews than good so i was just wondering if anyone has any feedback.
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RE: hadley creek

Postby buckhunter21 » Thu Jul 08, 2010 10:53 am

ORIGINAL: hookset6969

Never been there and don't wanna go, I hear this place has done no good for the locals in the area but this is just a personel deal. [>:]

curious what you heard?  i see them on a lot of hunting shows....mainly drury outdoors stuff. 

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RE: hadley creek

Postby Woods Walker » Fri Jul 09, 2010 2:57 pm

Here ya go...........

They don't hire the most ethical of guides apparently, amongst other things......

http://forums.bowsite.com/tf/regional/t ... 1&state=IL

Most of this outfitter/guide talk is moot anyway with the forthcoming depression that's headed our way. I've gone from planning hunts to figuring out how to keep my house. Priorities.......
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RE: hadley creek

Postby jcosto » Tue Jan 04, 2011 5:07 am

They are Bad News I have Hunted there for shot gun in 2009 did not see a shooter, I was ok with that and was going to give it another try,and call in Oct 2010 to book a hunt for 2011 with three hunting buddys they called me back ASAP. But we had to cancle they say they will refund all but $250 if you need to cancle within 90 days of your hunt, well we cancle a year ahead.. and they will not return calls or e-mails and he will not honor his refund policy. Bad way to do busness

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RE Midwest Bucks Outfitter

Postby jcosto » Wed Jan 19, 2011 8:56 am

Looking into going to Midwest Bucks Outfitter in Illinois Looking for input, I hunt Illinois a few years now and hunting with some bad outfitters like Hadley Creek. I am doing more home work
before send any money that will not be refunded like Bad News Hadley Creek

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RE: RE Midwest Bucks Outfitter

Postby DOCoutfitters » Thu Apr 28, 2011 6:15 pm

some of there outfitted land is right next to me. im gonna try and give a neutral opinion on all i have heard, and all that i know. dont take any of it as fact but im a fairly level headed person.

positives on HC

lots of land
great lodge
big deer killed!
low pressure (ive seen 160-180" deer walking in the day time without a care in the world on the road between our line and there's from lack of pressure)

tons of scouting,food plots etc

Negatives on HC

a hunter who went the previous two years came with us said this... (this isnt fact but its his story, and he didnt kill a deer the second year, he did the first and with us).

guides can hunt the land to so one guy was putting the hunters in new tree stands and hunting where the guy yesterday saw a creature buck.(mind you one guy ruining it all isnt Hadley creek as a whole) the hunters had to keep there days to themselves so the guides wouldnt go there.

some areas have had wrappers at the bottom of the stand from guides not balancing hunters properly.

there old guide set 2 stands on our line facing our property. not illegal, not ethical either. they also killed 2 bucks in one of them. one gut shot and ran on our place never to be recovered. hope it didnt start on our place either by the way the land is. i mean some guy hunting sees a monster 20 yards away over a fence, he doesnt know better.

HC did have to get bailed out for a money issue, almost going bankrupt from the recession and the volume they where bringing in they have recently liquidated a lot of land and cleaned up there bad eggs i am to believe.

i also know more about the owner and thats personal and not for some forum. he is doing what everyone else is. have a successful outfit. its hard!

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Re: hadley creek

Postby Fatherson » Mon Jan 02, 2012 1:31 pm

My son and I hunted the youth hunt this year (2011) at Hadley Creek Outfitters. It was our first hunt with a PA outfitter and we were more than impressed. Jarad Heller, our guide put us on this great Hadley Creek whitetail the evening of our first hunt. Let me also say how tough the weather was to boot. Hot and windy! That morning we saw a lot of deer but no shooters so we decided to sit in the same stand that evening. Jarad told us to be looking for a ten point that they he had caught on the trail camera around 6:30 pm when he showed himself. Jarad also told us that he wanted us to call him at 6:30 and tell him he was on the ground. Well, Jarad was wrong, we saw him at 6 pm following other deer and hanging out around the edge of the field. He then came into shooting range and my son, Christian shot him broadside at 50 yards with Michelle's shotgun (Stacey's wife). That is correct, they let him use their personal shotgun. So, when I texted Jarad it was 6:32pm, not 6:30. Ha, ha, ha ,ha! Can you believe that, he almost nailed that deer for us to the minute. I was super impressed with his knowledge of the farm, his deer and their patterns. He was so gracious to my son and I! He brought another guide/friend over to help drag the deer out due to my bad back. He and the Hadley Creek crew were fantastic! Stacey and Michelle were great to work with and Christian and I put our deposit down on 2012 before we left. We look forward to hunting with Hadley Creek this year and in the years to come. This trip was the beginning of the best deer season of our life! I took a big SC deer at a friends property two weeks later to the day while Christian spotted through the binoculars for me. I want to thank Jarad, Stacey and Michelle along with the rest of the Hadley Creek Outfitters team for making our hunt so enjoyable. Oh, the food was great as well! :lol:


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