Infor for future IL deer Processing Plant

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Infor for future IL deer Processing Plant

Postby epapineau » Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:06 pm

Hi, I plan on starting up a deer processing plant in Illinois, south of Chicago.  Before I do, I want to make sure I will be providing the best possible service for the hunters at the best price. I have some questions that I think will help me set things up and get moving on the right track. If you could answer which ever ones you feel like, any information will be greatly appreciated and I am sure will bay off big in the long run.
When you bring a 100 pound dressed doe into the processing plant, with a clean double lung shot minimizing meat loss, about how much fresh meat (burger, steaks, roasts, etc…) do you get back?
How far are you willing to travel to have your deer processed at a plant that meets your product quality standards?
If you brought in 60 pounds of boned meat, on average, how much of that would you have made into smoked meat (summer sausage, slim jims, jerky, etc…)?
How long does it usually take from the day you hand your deer over to the processor to the day you get the call to pick it up? (please indicate if there was sausage and jerky made)
Do you prefer community batches (all deer are put into one container when boned and separated according to weight) because it is quicker and cheaper, or individual processing because you know you are getting your deer back?
How many deer have you had processed each year for the past three years?
Without going into detail as to where you take your deer for processing, do you have any complaints or praises about your current processor?
Thank you for your time. I hope you will answer these questions as accurately as you can so I can provide the best possible service to the hunters that come to me for processing in the future.

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RE: Infor for future IL deer Processing Plant

Postby ziploc » Fri Jan 07, 2011 11:33 pm

Here are the things that I value in a processor:
1.  They give you your deer, not some other idiot's deer who left their deer out overnight in 70 degree weather and brought it into the processor, not yet field dressed!  That must taste good!
2.  They package the meat in vacuum packed sealed bags (for longer freezer life)
3.  They package the burger in 1lb increments not 1.75 or 2.3 lb amounts that are hard to fit into reciepes when defrosting from the freezer.
4.  They let you sample the sausage they make, I bought like 20 lbs of summer sausage last year and it was dry and discusting!  Jerky was tough as nails, big mistake to not ask for a sample first.
It was always a question as to how much meat I would get back on  a deer after processing, I have always seemed to get about 30lbs on a doe and about 60 on a decent buck I got last year. 
I processed 2 of my 3 deer from this year myself and seemed way easier than I thought it would be.
Good Luck.

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RE: Infor for future IL deer Processing Plant

Postby Woods Walker » Mon Jan 10, 2011 4:38 am

When you consider the absolutely HORRIBLE job many commercial deer butchering places do, it's amazing that they have any return business at all.

95% of the deer I've killed I've bucthered myself, but I used to take my scraps to a deer butcher to have it made into sausage and the like. When the one local place I used for that stopped doing deer meat (that was about the time that the CWD scare started....he didn't want it to affect his regular "non game" business...) I took some scraps to a VERY well known commercial deer place here in northern Illinios. When I got my salami back, it had HAIR in it!!! Not one hair, hair in EVERY DAMN PIECE OF SAUSAGE! It was the most revolting thing I'd ever seen. I threw it all in the garbage. I then learned how to do it myself.
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RE: Infor for future IL deer Processing Plant

Postby retiredsailor » Tue Jan 11, 2011 9:35 am

You make very valid point, ziploc. I used to take my deer to a processor and always had something about the end results that bothered me. Price was one factor, but not knowing if they were "batching" the meat also was a concern.
In any case, where I hunt, in a CWD containment area, this year we were not allowed to remove the deer carcass from that particular county. Rather, they had to be skinned and quartered, then the quarters could be taken out of the containment area. Therefore, my hunting party, after years of using commercial or ad hoc processors, once more started to butcher our own.
You know, we re-discovered that it isn't such a difficult job and we know what the process involved from start to finish.
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